Video: How to put on a Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Video: How to put on a Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Plastic screen protectors are a thing of the past. They do not last, they make scrolling through the screen unpleasant, and writing on the screen with the S-Pen leaves a mark (Yes, I use my S-Pen). Putting on a plastic screen protector isn’t easy either. You have to wipe the phone, spray the screen protector, and use an unreliable squeegee provided to put the difficult piece of plastic on the phone. On top of it all, a plastic screen protector only protects the screen from smudges. Luckily, the Tempered Glass changes all of that.

The Tempered Glass screen protector is most likely going to protect your screen from a fall more than a phone case. Because the screen protector has a coating over it, dropping the device will more than likely damage the screen protector, not the phone screen itself. The screen is a hair thicker than a plastic screen protector and is much clearer than it as well.

To put on the Zagg Invisishield Screen protector, simply remove any phone case and debris from the phone via cloth and adhesive, and then apply the screen shield. The screen attaches on the phone itself and takes little to no time at all to complete.

The screen protector is protected for a lifetime, so if the screen ever breaks, simply register online to get a new one and ship it back to the company. Zagg will send a free screen shield even before you ship the broken one so there is no delay in taking it off. For $39.99 and a lifetime warranty, it’s a decent deal. Much better than breaking your phone screen and paying $250 right? For the full review of the Glass Screen protector, check out the review below.