Top 6 Reasons to Buy the iPhone 6S

Top 6 Reasons to Buy the iPhone 6S

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Yesterday was a big day for Apple. And while we have been on a long (And exhausting vacation) we haven’t missed anything. Apple has announced the iPhone 6S. It may be a minor upgrade to very few, but it is a significant upgrade from the iPhone 6. Lets find 6 reasons to buy the iPhone 6S!


1.) Series 7000 Aluminum

The days of #Bentgate is finally over. Apple has transitioned from the brittle Anodized Aluminum to Series 7000 Aluminum. Anodizing greatly increases the material’s resistance to corrosion and wear by adding an oxide layer outside of it. They combine it with bye to color the material different colors. 7000 Series aluminum, however, is a different alloy that combines aluminum, zink, and magnesium for a significantly tougher material. Unfortunately for Apple, this material is much more expensive to work with. However, it gives the phone a staggering 60% increase in rigidity.

2.) 3-D Display

Apple has significantly upgraded the iPhone’s screen in a big way. Besides giving it a higher pixel density, Apple decided to take an alternative route. While the 750×1334 screen resolution isn’t breaking any records, the iPhone 6S has a pressure sensitive touchscreen. 3D Touch emulated a physical keyboard; a feature that Apple innovated from their current Macbook. This may allow Apple to one day get rid of the home button in the near future.

3.) Processor

Apple didn’t say it, but there is many rumors pointing to 2 GB of RAM in the new iPhone 6S. Also, the device is using a 16 or 14nm process for its chipset. The A9 enjoys an around 19% jump over the A8, and a 6% improvement over the A8X in single-core performance, in addition to a 69% multi-core improvement over the A8 (8% from the A8X). The A9 is rumored to sport two dual cores for a quad core set up, with 2 cores pushing 1.7 GHz and the others pushing 1.2 GHz. The previous version used a triple core setup.

4.) 12 MP Front facing camera

Apple has finally upgraded the MP count on the iPhone’s camera. Not only has it done that, but it can now shoot 4K, putting the device on par with Samsung’s camera. That is a slight bump up from the retired 8 MP camera that Apple could not get enough of. The camera sensors are sourced from Sony as always, making it one incredible camera. The camera incorporates RGBW subpixel technology for better low-light performance, which was highly needed for the iPhone 6S. This technology uses an extra white (W) subpixel, arranged alongside the RGB sub-pixels. This compensates for the smaller-sized pixels in the sensor.

5.) 5 MP Selfies

The front facing camera is now becoming a bigger deal than ever thanks to the likes of Vine. The 5MP improvement over the parch 1.2 MP front shooter was greatly needed.

6.) That Battery Life Though

Apple has greatly improved the battery life on the iPhone 6S. Instead of making a smaller battery like on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note V, it is rumored that Apple placed a bigger battery in the iPhone 6S. It is said that the iPhone has anywhere between a 1500 and 1900 mAh battery. The previous iPhone 6 has a battery life of just 5.5 hours. But the new iPhone 6S will have an incredible 10 hours of battery life.