Top 25 Reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Top 25 Reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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You don’t buy a device because your friends have it. You buy a device because you like it. The whole monkey see monkey do persona is over. Buying a device based on others opinion won’t work anymore (That’s so 2007). However, buying a device based on features will work. Samsung does an excellent job of giving features to their fan base, but approximately 50% of those will probably never be in use. If you are looking for a feature rich smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has you covered.  Here are the top 25 reasons to buy the Galaxy S6 Edge.


  • Curved Display

Samsung has been working on curved displays for years. Their press conferences, concepts, and rumors always made us wonder what their first curved display smartphone was going to be. With the Note Edge, the curved display showed usefulness, but it was unexpected. With one curved side, it made us want to see the other side curved. 6 months later, the company delivered on what everyone expected with the Galaxy S6 Edge; a curved display on both sides.

  • QHD Resolution

We don’t know if we should call it 2K displays or QHD displays. All we know is that the resolution on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is incredible. Not only does it has Gorilla Glass 4, it also features a 1440 x 2560 screen resolution. That amounts to a crazy 577 pixels per sq. in. Now that’s what I call screen density!

  • Brighter Screen

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge uses OLED technology. Not only does it have four times the sharpness of an iPhone 6, but it has 4 times the pixels of the device as well. The display is now ranked as having the highest pixel density on any phone ever made; providing the sharpest image made from sub and diamond pixels. The S6 Edge is able to reach a screen brightness of 600 nits, which makes it an incredible display to read in direct sunlight.

  • 8 core processor

Samsung has finally ditched Qualcomm in favor of their own processors (Or have they?) America may finally get their first taste of an Octo-core smartphone. Samsung will skip the Snapdragon 810 processor for their own octa-core Exynos 7420 processor. This will feature two quad core processors that work when the workload requires it. If the phone requires a workload of e-mails, text, and other basic task, the small 1.5 GHz quad core processor will be used. However, if it requires a workload of games, downloads, and other big tasks, the bigger 2.1 GHz quad core processor will go into effect.

  • 64-bit architecture

Why a 64-bit architecture you ask? Well, as you know, 64-bit addresses more code than 32-bit. Again, you are still asking, “WHY ON EARTH DO I NEED 64-bit IN A PHONE??” The answer is simple, you don’t. However, this isn’t just a mere marketing stunt. This is a “Modern instruction set.” This simply means the phone will be set for the future. This is why Apple never harped on the 64-bit architecture. Even though the company was the first to release a smartphone with this instruction set, there is no use for it in smartphones, but it is there when it is ready.

  • Smarter RAM

Even though Samsung has 3 GB of RAM in the S6, we aren’t just talking about any old RAM here. The S6 includes LPDDR4 RAM; twice as fast as their previous generation RAM. This allows for faster data transfers and higher efficiency in terms of power consumption. Even though this is 1GB higher than what is currently in the S6 Edge, Samsung’s 4GB LPDDR4 package was chosen as an Honoree of the 2015 CES Innovation Awards in the Embedded Technologies category. This is by far the only company that has won three consecutive years when it comes to DRAM solutions.

  • Wireless Charging standard

The S6 Edge also comes with Qi and PMA charging capabilities standard (Wireless charger not included. Fifty bucks extra pal!) This is important because these are two wireless charging standards. Keep in mind that the Nexus 6 only comes Qi wireless charging standard only. This Dual Wireless charging standard is important because they both do two different things. While both charging systems charge at different wavelengths, PMA is noticeably used as a selling standpoint. It is able to show how many times you’ve been at a certain place. So if you stay at Starbucks a lot, they know how often you come there.

  • Better Fingerprint Scanner

Even though the first biometric system Samsung created wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good either. We knew there were going to be hiccups similar to the Motorola Atrix and the iPhone 6 fingerprint scanner. However, Samsung hit it on the nose when it came to the new fingerprint scanner in the S6, just tap to unlock. It can’t get any simpler than that.

  • 32 GB Standard

Samsung is putting higher mega pixels in their smartphones, so that should amount to more MB when it comes to image quality. Since we are downloading more things than ever before, it’s only right to give more memory to the user. While the SD card slot is gone, it is not missed at all. Samsung has managed to double the memory standard in the Galaxy S6.

  • Thinner Bezels

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is crazy thin. Even though the device is thinner than its previous generation, it’s still shocking to see the incredible form factor. The device is 6.8mm thin. If that isn’t thin, I don’t know what it. The device itself has a 70.1% screen to body ratio. Compared to the iPhone 6, that is a 10% better ratio. That makes for super thin bezels on the sides and a much better grip for such a large device.

  • Better Rear Camera

The S6 has a 16 MP camera. It’s not the 20 MP camera everyone hoped for, but it is still stellar. Finally, Samsung is using the much wanted Optical Image Stabilization rather than Auto Focus. It also includes an f/1.9 lense as well.

  • Better Selfies

I never knew a high resolution front facing camera was ever going to be needed in a million years! That’s until Vine and Instagram made it a necessity for smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S6 now features a 5MP front facing camera. It’s either a stellar selfie taker, or video chat overkill.

  • Better Battery

Samsung equipped the Galaxy S6 with a smaller battery than the S5. When I heard that, my heart stopped. Before, the device had a bigger 2800 mAh battery. Now it has a smaller 2550 mAh battery. When I heard that, my heart stopped, until I heard the good news….

  • Faster Charging

The Samsung Galaxy S6 may not need a bigger battery. The device is able to charge 4 hours of usage in just 10 minutes. That is also 2 hours worth of video playback.

  • Premium Meterial

Gone is the industrial plastic Samsung used for its devices. It’s no longer a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. It is now a Lamborghini Aventador. Samsung has replaced all plastics with Metal and a Glass backing. The cheap thrill is over. The S6 Edge is now classified as a premium device.

  • Lighter Smartphone

Compared to the previous generation, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is pretty light. The Galaxy S5 weighed in at 145 grams. The S6 now weighs only 138 grams. That’s pretty incredible considering there is also a glass backing included.

  • More Colors

The Galaxy S6 will come in 5 cool colors. Gold, Black, White, Blue, and Grey will be the color choices. Previously only 3 colors could be had. With the new color choices, this should expand the line-up options even more.

  • Android Lollipop

Samsung has always been good with providing the latest version with Android. Sometimes we would have to wait to install the latest version. Samsung has managed to put a fresh version of Android Lollipop 5.0 in the box, so there is no need for an update.

  • Lighter TouchWiz Experience

The Korean Giant has been doing a lot to clean up TouchWiz. While TouchWiz is still “TouchWiz,” it still retains a better experience than the previous generation. It’s claimed to be much quicker and more responsive. Also, the excess fat has also been trimmed. For example, there aren’t as many options in the camera as there were before, but if you are looking to get them you can download them from the app store.

  • 5 mm headphone jack at the bottom

Although this isn’t such an important feature, for those who value sound will get a kick out of this. Finally, the headphone jack has been moved to the bottom of the device. If you ever were sick of that cord getting in your way of a text while you were listening to your tunes, now you can be free of the hassle.

  • Tougher security

Samsung’s Knox security is a very important part of keeping their devices secure. With the BlackBerry partnership, Samsung will make the S6 even more secure. BlackBerry will be bringing SecuSUITE security to the Samsung Galaxy S6.

  • Better design

While the S6 isn’t the best design, Samsung has ever made *DROID Charge Cough* Samsung did made one beautiful smartphone with the Galaxy S6. With design taken into consideration, the company created a much better design than the S5 (And boy we all know how horrible that phone looked). Compared to the Galaxy S5, which hit an ugly tree and ever branch on the way down, I say the Galaxy S6 Edge has the “edge” in beauty.

  • More Exclusive

The S6 Edge isn’t going to be as available as the S6 brother. However, it is going to very exclusive. Because the S6 Edge has a curved display, it isn’t going to be quickly manufactured like the S6 will. Add in the fact that the S6 Edge looks much better than the S6, and you have a very high demand for the device. This is why carriers are now demanding the S6 edge more than the S6.

  • Future proof

Samsung has created a device for the future, not the present. People aren’t ready for such a device like this. We don’t know how to use a curved smartphone with a concave design. Samsung has managed to make a big deal out of design this time, obviously they want their fanbase to love the inside and outside of the device. Never has the world seen an 8 core smartphone with so much power. The biggest question is how it will fare with devices that has half the cores. No Apps are currently optimized to use the potential that this phone has, but Samsung claims the future will have something in store for this phone.

  • The biggest risk for Samsung

The Galaxy S6 will be the biggest risk for Samsung. The Korean Giant is risking their current fanbase to claim a broader audience. Samsung has ditched a bigger battery for smarter performance. The company gave up a removable back for a better form factor. The company also walked away from a great partnership with Qualcomm in favor of their own 8 core processor to push research and development further. Was it worth it? We shall see once the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is released.