TheNextBigThing?: Samsung to lose its head of US Marketing

TheNextBigThing?: Samsung to lose its head of US Marketing

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Todd Pendleton is Samsung’s head of US marketing. He is someone Samsung needs to be thanking right about now. This is the person responsible for “TheNextBigThing” marketing campaign. This was the marketing campaign that made the Galaxy SIII such a huge success. One might say this was one of their biggest marketing stunts since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S2. After 4 years of working with the company, Pendleton is rumored to be leaving the company.


Not only is Todd leaving, but other executives and employees are doing the same. Either they are being transferred or leaving the company all together. There are also claims that Apple has been poaching Samsung employees (As well as other companies) with better benefits and higher raises. However, that may not entirely be the case. Samsung hasn’t been doing so great in the past year. Despite its slight success in the US, Samsung has been seeing a decline in sales from India and China. With the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung is looking to break sales records across the world. Although execs may not entirely believe in the new shift in design with the Samsung Galaxy S6. It almost makes us wonder; has Samsung lost its edge in the mobile industry?