The scale of Tesla Motors shown in 4K

The scale of Tesla Motors shown in 4K

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Simply put, the scale of Tesla Motors is huge. Located in Fremont, California, the EV giant has taken over a large facility which use to house a joint venture between Toyota and GM which lasted from 1984 to 2009. When the hard times rolled in, both companies sold the building and the land, which Elon Musk took advantage of and got it for a pretty amazing deal. Which used to be called the NUMMI plant is now called the Tesla plant.


Below is a drown footage shot by a Tesla Employee by the name of Stephen Powelson. What is known as the second largest building by footprint, covering more than 5.2 million square feet, Powelson shows just how big that footprint really is, in 4K. Purchased in 2010, the first Tesla rolled of the line in 2012.

Back then, the plant was able to produce 100,000 cars annually, so far, Tesla is producing 100,000 every year. With the Model X CUV on the way, the company is expected to produce even more. After that will come the Model III, which used to be known as the model E before Ford reportedly killed SEX. With Tesla’s Gigafactory underway, it should make for one of the biggest plants on Earth.