Tesla can’t service their vehicles here in Michigan

Tesla can’t service their vehicles here in Michigan

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If you are a Tesla owner here in Michigan, you are most likely stuck between a rock and a hard place, literally. While there are only two Supercharging stations here, the company can’t even service the vehicles. It’s not because of Tesla though. If the company could, by all means it would. However, due to Michigan’s outdated laws that the government here is enforcing, it prevents the company from even working on the cars for their customers.


Lawmakers in Michigan is enforcing the direct sale law that prevents the direct sale of a company’s car to consumers. Tesla uses this model to cut out the middle man, this keeps the price low for the Model S. With Michigan being one of the five states that prohibits direct sales (Including Arizona, Connecticut, Texas, and West Virginia), it makes it difficult for Tesla Motors to service their vehicles.

Michigan’s dealership lobbying is still strong, and it is making a big effort to keep the Tesla Model S from selling. However, those efforts are weak as Tesla isn’t phased by the poor lobbying strategy. Tesla owners aren’t stressing as the company is able to upgrade or service most of the vehicles electronics via an OTA update. As for cosmetic damages, that’s another story.