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Today is the day we get to see the unveiling of two big devices, the Note 5 and S6 Edge+. Both devices will set the bar for Samsung. We are just an hour away from confirming a few good nifty specs. So far, we can only confirm the sheer beauty of the device.


Join us today as Sammy reveal what we think will set the bar for phablets. We are expecting the Galaxy Note 5 to lose a couple of features we know and love, but at the same time gain a great deal of specifications to make us forget about it. Under the hood, we are expecting the Note 5 to gain an 8 core Exynos processor from Samsung itself. However, Qualcomm will not be left totally out of the picture as it will be supplying the incredible Snapdragon 808 for the S6 Edge+ (At least that is our guess). 4GB of RAM is also expected to come on board the motherships. As you can see in the leaks, the Note 5 will get a design overhaul and what seems to be a spring lock S-pen design.

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We are expecting the same great UHD displays we know and love on each device. Rumors point to the Note 5 doing away with a big battery and trading it for a smaller non-removable version. The memory is also rumored to disappear as well. So either you can take it as a loss or a minor inconvenience. We shall see at today’s event.

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Blass has such a long track record of being correct when it comes to leaked photos, that if this one is fake, then I’m sure pigs can fly. If big phones are the name of the game, then Samsung has something in store for us. Leaked just a couple of days ago was the Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus. While both bear a striking resemblance, the S pen will set both of them apart.


A clear eye may see the curvaceous body of the S6 Edge+ setting itself apart from the flat display of the Note 5, but that’s just the beginning. While they both sport non-removable parts such as the memory and battery, they both with feature different processors. The Snapdragon 808 will be found on the S6 Edge+ while the Note 5 will feature the 8 core Exynos 7420 SoC with 4GB of RAM. The Note 5 will also have a 32GB or 64GB offering with a 16 MP camera and 5 MP rear facing shooter. The display will grow to 5.66″ and keep the same 2560 x 1440 QHD display.

Both phones will take high end to a new level. Previously, the Note series was encased in plastic. Samsung found out that selling a $700 device riddled with a cheap design doesn’t make out to a luxury device. Now, Samsung is getting rid of the cheap plastic and encasing their devices in premium material such as aluminum and glass. However, this new design will sacrifice the battery and memory card expansion. The S6 Edge+ on the contrary will offer up a device that will give customers an option to do away without the S-Pen. Expect the unveiling on August 13th.


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One thing you can’t beat is facts. And when it comes to rivals, Apple and Samsung is second to none. There is no questioning that the Android OS is the most popular operating system out there. The company that makes it big is none other than the Korean Giant; Samsung. Because of this, that makes Samsung the most popular smartphone manufacturer in the US.


Samsung not only outsells its Android brethrens, but the company also outsells Apple; its main competitor. Just last quarter, Android manufacturers sold just over a quarter billion smartphones. Yes, you heard me right, that’s just over 250 million smartphones. Of those smartphones, Samsung is responsible for 82 million of those units. And where are most of those units sold? You guessed it; Murica’.

The US is Apple’s main customer base, and Sammy is beating them on their home turf. It’s like the Golden state coming to Cleveland and telling LeBron, “you just can’t win the championship on your own.”  In Q3 of last year, the iPhones dominated of course, as that was the first quarter of the new models release. Between March and May this year, however, the tables have spun, and it is Samsung going for the belt with the brand new Galaxy S6/S6 edge duo tag teaming the iPhone 6 like yesterday’s lunch.


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