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Today is the day we get to see the unveiling of two big devices, the Note 5 and S6 Edge+. Both devices will set the bar for Samsung. We are just an hour away from confirming a few good nifty specs. So far, we can only confirm the sheer beauty of the device.


Join us today as Sammy reveal what we think will set the bar for phablets. We are expecting the Galaxy Note 5 to lose a couple of features we know and love, but at the same time gain a great deal of specifications to make us forget about it. Under the hood, we are expecting the Note 5 to gain an 8 core Exynos processor from Samsung itself. However, Qualcomm will not be left totally out of the picture as it will be supplying the incredible Snapdragon 808 for the S6 Edge+ (At least that is our guess). 4GB of RAM is also expected to come on board the motherships. As you can see in the leaks, the Note 5 will get a design overhaul and what seems to be a spring lock S-pen design.

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We are expecting the same great UHD displays we know and love on each device. Rumors point to the Note 5 doing away with a big battery and trading it for a smaller non-removable version. The memory is also rumored to disappear as well. So either you can take it as a loss or a minor inconvenience. We shall see at today’s event.

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It seems like more leaks just keep coming in. From the looks of things, it seems like Galaxy Note 5 and S6 will share similar designs. That’s not a surprise considering the fact that both the S and Note lineups have always been sharing most of the internals. What is interesting is how well the design is done.


Finally, the Note line up will be getting an updated design. The new leak, posted by @onleaks, has some pretty juicy info on the new Note 5. With the new Note 5, it will have the same design as the Note Edge, however the rear edges will be curved. Because this is just a mockup, I’m sure there will be a Note 5 Edge, making the screen curved as well. Samsung is now making the rear of the phone rounded to fit your hand a bit more ergonomically.

What’s missing is a lot, and hopefully the good will outweigh the bad. Apparently, the removable back cover is gone. So, for those who are looking to expand the battery pack of their device or quick swap their MicroSD cards so they don’t have to load a ton of songs or be able to expand their memory will be out of luck. Because the S6 dodged removable back, this was kind of expected, leaving Sony, LG, and HTC as the bigger Android handsets with expandable storage. Due to the blazing speeds of Universal Flash Storage 2.0, we may not need expandable storage or removable batteries. Because the transfer speeds are so fast, swapping wouldn’t be necessary.

Samsung is looking to refine the Note series rather than give it too much it doesn’t need. That could be why Samsung is keeping the 5.7″ screen. The removable back may question some hardcore Galaxy fans, but the ultimate sacrifice could equal a lighter, stronger, more powerful smartphone.


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With all Galaxy products, the display gets better and better. That is evident with the Note 4’s 2K display. However, Samsung plans to turn up the heat with the Note 5. Samsung back in 2013 had revealed that its plans to launch smartphones sporting a 1440×2560 QHD display with 560ppi. Now that Sammy has kept that promise, 4K displays will be underway for next year.


The South Korean Giant is now rumored to have plans of mass-producing 5.9″ UHD 4K displays with a face melting 700ppi august of next year. For now, details about this incredible screen are limited to just rumors. The 2160×3180 screen resolution is pointed out to be unveiled for the Note 5 around august of next year.

Samsung hinted that it was working on a QHD Super AMOLED 2K panel with a massive 560ppi pixel density, something that Motorola achieved with the DROID Turbo. If you didn’t notice, the Note 4 only has a 515ppi density. This is mostly thanks to its larger screen size. This simply means Sammy is working on a smaller 2K display, which could be meant for the Samsung Galaxy S6. The company also hinted at an even bigger resolution of 860ppi, so Samsung is definitely working on smaller screens with 4K displays as well.


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