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Apple has not yet given any details on the sales of the Apple Watch. So there is no telling how well the smartwatch is doing from Apple itself, so it’s time for us to do a little digging. It turns out  Slice Intelligence compiled some questionable figures from “e-receipt” data it took from a group of consumers who volunteer to share their purchasing information. Most of this data came from an iOS shopping app which has support for the Apple Watch.

According to Slice intelligence, the Apple Watch saw a dip in sales; an 85% drop to be exact. That may sound like a lot, but remember the data that Slice Intelligence uses isn’t totally reliable when it comes to figuring out how well the Apple Watch is doing. Remember, this app is only monitoring email boxes to acquire their data, and because not everyone that possesses this watch is using this app, take the data with a grain of salt.


However, Slice intelligence could be on the money if you take the sales of the iPhone 6 into consideration. Apple sold 10 million iPhone 6 and 6S units over the opening weekend. That equates to 3.3 million iPhone’s per day. Four months later, Apple announced that it sold 74.5 million between October and December. That means Apple went from selling 3.3 million iPhones per day to a measly 828,000 phones per day. That is a 74% drop in just three months. Sure, you can say that the sales of the iPhone 6 tanked, but that is to be expected. Phone typically dip in sales from their initial high. So, even though the iPhone took a dive in sales, the device is still doing well.


There is always going to be a dip in sales with any product. Whether it’s three months down the line like the iPhone, or a year down the line like the PS4 (Which has only been a slight dip), interest in devices are always going to drop regardless. For example, I’m sure we are going to forget all about the Dodge Charger Hellcat a couple years down the line when Chrysler comes out with a bigger more exciting version (Like a Trailhawk version of the Jeep Cherokee with a Hellcat engine).



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Last month, it was proven that some of the functions on the Apple Watch did not work if you have a wrist tattoo. The sensors on the watch does not work properly due to the ink ticking the mechanism. The ink from the tattoo blocks the sensors from reading the heart rate. If you can believe Conan O’Brian, then yes, Apple has a fix!


Coco made a comical skit that mimics Apples commercials. Within it, he shows that the Apple Watch can be fixed….with another hand. This isn’t the first time Coco has mimicked Apple devices. He has made skits about the #bentgate scandal, Siri, and Apple and Samsung’s fights in court.

If Conan O’Brian is right, then you will need an extra hand if you plan to keep that wrist tattoo. However, it will cost you $499 for a replica hand. It can be used by people who have tattoos on their wrist. The tag line says it all at the end. “It’s not a glitch, if we can sell you a fix.” Of course this isn’t actually real by any means. Conan continues his satirical mindset which can be found from his past writing for the Simpsons.


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There’s no doubt that the Apple Watch is going to sale like hotcakes. Even Analyst is predicting huge sales for the smartwatch.

“Apple will quickly become the world’s number one smartwatch vendor with 55% global market share this year.”


Strategy Analytics predicts that Apple will ship 15 million Apple Watches globally this year. Last month, reports claimed that the Cupertino company was building roughly 6 million units; it seems like that number has more than doubled. Along with other platforms, this Apple Watch should take off with ease. With the Apple Watch, Analyst predicts that the company will take over the smartwatch market instantaneously. The fact that the Apple Watch is attractive, (just not as attractive as some other watches out there) it will make it appealing to a large customer base. Even the name has significance. I can’t count the amount of times my Moto 360 was mistaken for an Apple Watch.

Apple has a loyal fan base and robust App ecosystem. This is just what Apple needs to make a successful smartwatch launch. However, even with these predictions, usability, price, battery life, and functionality will be the ultimate decipher. The Apple Watch will also have multiple versions, which should make it stand out from the rest of the smartwatches. While most smartwatches come in 2 or 3 variants, the Apple Watch will come in 7 different variants.


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Good things don’t come cheap, especially when you add gold. The highly anticipated Apple Watch may start at $349, but when you add gold, expect the price to nearly triple. Rumors reveal that the Watch will not come cheap if you are looking for exquisite material. The 42 mm Gold Edition Apple Watch will cost approximately $900 for just the gold.



According to sources, the Apple Watch will include  1.02oz (29.16gr) of 18-karat gold. At the current rate gold is going for (Which is obviously nowhere but up), the gold Apple Watch will come with over $850 worth of gold alone. This is based on the wall of the watch case which has a thickness of 1.15mm. That’s not the only thing that will be plastered in gold, the additional parts of the watch, such as the crown, the number markers, and dials will also be smothered in gold.

29.16 Grams of Gold isn’t cheap. Because the base version of the Apple Watch will be no different in terms of functionality, the Gold Watch Edition will be nothing short of a fashion statement. I can only imagine the price breaching $1000 once profit is factored in the price tag. Once the device goes on sale, it will give people yet another reason to spend more on a smartwatch.


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It seems like Samsung won’t be supplying Apple with any watch displays. LG looks to be scraping up those contracts. LG will reportedly be supplying Apple with plastic OLED displays for their upcoming Apple Watch (I always want to say iWatch for some reason). According to JP Morgan, LG is expected to significantly surge in 2015 and 2016 thanks to contracts for the Cupertino company.


LG isn’t looking for any small numbers either. The company expects to ship out about 29 million watches by the end of 2015. The company also expects to deliver P-OLED for each unit and priced at $45 apiece. By 2016, the Apple Watch units could reach a staggering 61 million units shipped.

Even though Sammy isn’t providing Apple with any display technology, the company isn’t left out of the food chain. Rumor has it that the Korean Giant will be supplying Apple with 32-bit processors.

Wearable’s aren’t seen as a huge cash generator, so the Apple Watch will be able to shine in the smartwatch territory. This may be why the Apple Watch will start off at a hefty $349. However, due to the smartwatch being a niche product, Apple will be able to aim it at a high valued market; keeping its resale value for a long period of time.


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Apple users waiting for the highly anticipated Apple Watch will have something to look up to. The Watch will be powered by Apple’s own S1 SiP (system-in-package), which is a smaller-sized variation of the SoCs. Word on the street is that Apple is using the SoC provided from Samsung.


DiGiTimes claims that Samsung has been hired to provide about 4,000 12-inch silicon wafers for the Apple S1 SiP every month. This is based on Samsung’s incredibly small and powerful 28nm manufacturing process. It seems like a task only Sammy can do since it is most likely the only company that can keep up with the production.

It is unclear if this process is able to keep up with a tall order of 10 million units by 2015. Sammy will be one of many SoC providers. Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) will also be providing S1 processors as well.

Samsung and Apple probably ranks number 1 when it comes to frienemies, but when it comes to business they easily work out the kinks. Samsung and Apple has been partners dating back to the first iPhone, so there is no doubt they will be working together on Apple’s first smartwatch. Expect a March 2015 release of the Apple Watch.


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The beginning of next year can’t come soon enough. Of the two sizes the Apple Watch will come in, there will be three versions, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and an 18-carot gold version. What won’t change about the device is the functionality. Here are the nifty feature that will come to the Apple Watch.


Apple has updated its micro site for the Apple Watch and the timekeeping section. Apple describes the experience of the Apple Watch as an “elegant and minimalistic view of the time — usually the first thing you want at a glance. Easily adjust the amount of detail on the dial, from light to rich. Even with complications, this face maintains a clean and symmetrical design.”

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Apple’s timepiece is meant to be extremely precise; able to tell the time down to the millisecond. The device will even tell you how much of the moon will be visible tonight. The watch will be able to do other things such as set alarms, view calendar, track health activity, and show stock.

The watch is set to start at $349 at launch, which will most likely be for the smaller stainless steel version. The bigger stainless steel version shouldn’t be that far from the price tag. Expect the lighter Aluminum version to cost more and the 18-carat gold version to cost an arm and a leg.


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Don’t look surprised when you realize the pricing of Apple Watches because they aren’t going to come cheap. However, the pricing makes perfect sense. Apple has already revealed back in September that the pricing of the Apple Watch will start at $349. Of course, that will be for the smaller version, which is technically for woman. As you know, Apple will have two versions of their smartwatch. Expect Apple to take the pricing and ship it off into space from there. Why? Because the price could reach $5000.

I don’t think Apple was planning on making any old kind of watch. I believe Apple was planning on making a REAL watch. Apple rumor-monger iGen.fr reported that prices for the device will actually go up to $5,000 (£3,150) for the solid 18-karat gold model, while the stainless steel version is predicted will start at $500 (£310). iGen is known for unveiling the exact dimensions of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus well before the launch, so I wouldn’t take their predictions with a grain of salt.

There’s quite the quality in those who say “gold version” instead of “gold-colored.” For those who opt for the Gold smartwatch will actually be getting a stellar deal. If you haven’t noticed, a Gold Rolex will cost you $10,000. An Apple iWatch will cost half the price with double the function. Even though Rolex is less concerned about the iWatch than Aliens coming to Earth, they should definitely take notice. The Apple Watch will be able to read your heart rate, show notifications, and look pretty. Expect the watch sometime next year towards the summer.


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We have waited for this moment for years. Now, the Apple Watch has finally come to fruition (pun intended). The Apple Watch answers the fundamental question of how to make a proper smartwatch.

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The Apple Watch introduces the digital crown to smartwatches.  It’s a versatile tool that answers the fundamental challenge of how to magnify content on a small display. With the Digital Crown, you can scroll, zoom, and navigate Apple Watch without covering the display. Infrared and visible-light LEDs, along with photosensors, can detect your pulse rate. The Digital Crown lets you navigate Apple Watch fluidly and precisely. The device also has a flexible display. It is made out of stainless steel, just like any other proper watch should. Apple Watch is built from custom alloys of stainless steel, aluminum, and 18-karat gold. With bands as thoughtfully designed as the watch itself. Now the key word here ladies and gentleman is gold, so don’t expect cheap to fall in the same category. The device will come with Leather, Metal, and Plastic bands. The wearable will be fully customizable from the bands to the watch face.


The Apple Watch will allow you to send messages and view Apple Maps as well. The Apple Watch will also allow users to send emoji-like gifs to one another. Apple Watch comes with two apps that give a complete picture of your health and fitness. The watch will vibrate when you get a notification.


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The smartwatch will come in three different flavors; Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch Edition. It will work with the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, and 6 Plus. The device will start at $349. The watch will come with a stainless steel link bracelet. It will be available early next year. I feel I might go bankrupt experiencing the new Apple collection. But this seems like an experience well worth it.

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