Samsung will provide processors for the Apple Watch

Samsung will provide processors for the Apple Watch

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Apple users waiting for the highly anticipated Apple Watch will have something to look up to. The Watch will be powered by Apple’s own S1 SiP (system-in-package), which is a smaller-sized variation of the SoCs. Word on the street is that Apple is using the SoC provided from Samsung.


DiGiTimes claims that Samsung has been hired to provide about 4,000 12-inch silicon wafers for the Apple S1 SiP every month. This is based on Samsung’s incredibly small and powerful 28nm manufacturing process. It seems like a task only Sammy can do since it is most likely the only company that can keep up with the production.

It is unclear if this process is able to keep up with a tall order of 10 million units by 2015. Sammy will be one of many SoC providers. Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) will also be providing S1 processors as well.

Samsung and Apple probably ranks number 1 when it comes to frienemies, but when it comes to business they easily work out the kinks. Samsung and Apple has been partners dating back to the first iPhone, so there is no doubt they will be working together on Apple’s first smartwatch. Expect a March 2015 release of the Apple Watch.