Samsung sold over 1.2 million smartwatches in Q4

Samsung sold over 1.2 million smartwatches in Q4

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Well it isn’t a surprise to see Samsung as the leading smartwatch manufacturer now is it? According to Statista, Samsung is the number one leading smartwatch manufacturer. ¬†Between October and December of 2014, the company sold 1.2 million smartwatches. That is almost double what Pebble sold that same period, which was 700,000 units sold. It’s odd to see Pebble in second place since it’s the company that brought back the smartwatch idea. Because Samsung makes so many different watches, it make sense to see the Korean Giant on top.


Fitbit took third place in the Smartwatch industry, selling 600,000 units. Next up is Sony, which surprisingly sold 550,000 units during the same period. Lenovo and LG took fifth and sixth respectively. Garmin surprisingly came in 7th place with 400,000 units sold; 20,000 units shy of LG’s units sold. Withings, Polar, and Asus gets eighth, ninth, and tenth respectively selling around 150,000 units each.

Samsung uses two different platforms instead of one just like the other smartwatches. While most smartwatches on the list uses Android Wear, Samsung uses either Android Wear or a form of Tizen; Samsung’s own platform. Tizen allows Samsung to be able to take over the smartwatch and pushes the boundaries that Google currently has placed on Android Wear. While Android Wear is fairly good, it is severely limited and incapable of showing certain messages, forcing users to open up an App in their phone while the Samsung Gear S is able to show full messages on the watch alone. The Samsung Gear S is also the only smartwatch capable of being used without a device attached to it, allowing the user to use the device as a phone itself. While we patiently wait for the Apple Watch to release on April 24th, there could be changes made to the smartwatch line up.