OnePlus Two is the undisputed smartphone killer

OnePlus Two is the undisputed smartphone killer

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There’s only one smartphone in town that’s making other smartphones look bad. You can buy an iPhone 6 for $699 or a OnePlus 2 for $329. Speaking of the OnePlus, it is a smartphone that took the world by storm. Overshadowing what the Nexus series built, it was a low cost smartphone that featured specs from the likes of $700 devices. With the OnePlus Two, it takes low cost smartphones to another level.


The OnePlus Two features a 1080p display that’s 5.5 inches. While the screen is not changed from last year’s model, everything else about it had. The Snapdragon 810 from Qualcomm is now on board, making it the cheapest octo-core processor smartphone you can buy on a 64-bit architecture. It also has 3GB of RAM on board. 16GB of non-expandable storage is on board. All of this can be yours for $329. However, if that isn’t enough, you can upgrade in a big way. For just a measly $60 more, you can opt for a OnePlus Two with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of memory. If you wanted to upgrade an iPhone, it will cost more money and Apple will not provide that much RAM, so the price is extremely justifiable. A 13 MP camera with OIS and dual LED flash is on board with a 5 MP front facer.

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The OnePlus Two received major upgrades when it came to hardware and software. The device has a USB-C connector as well as a fingerprint senor. Android Lollipop is also on board. The OnePlus Two will also come with wooden back options as well. Most of the features will make you think of the Motorola devices for a quick second. The only thing the device is lacking is wireless charging.

The device still lacks the ability to buy it through stores. Just like last year, you will have to purchase this device through an invite only system. However, this device is able to be shipped much faster than before. So, purchasing this device seems like a no brainer, if you can get One.