Motorola introduces a slew of new devices

Motorola introduces a slew of new devices

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Motorola had a big day yesterday. The ex-Google company introduced four incredible devices that were made to appeal to everybody and every budget. The Moto X Style, the Moto X Pure Edition, the Moto X Play, and Moto G 2015 edition will be making their marks this year.


Motorola’s most affordable device will still stand out from the budget crowd. The Moto G 2015 edition will start at $179.99 off contract. It will include 1 GB of RAM and 8GB of memory. For $219.99 you can get the Moto G with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. The new device will be water proof, making Motorola’s new line-up fully water resistant. It will keep the 720p display, however it will have a 5 inch screen instead. The Snapdragon 410 quad core processor from Qualcomm will be included as well.

The Motorola Moto X Play will have undisputed battery life. This device will be for those who are looking for some extra juice. Motorola says that this device will last 2 days. Due to the device having a 3630 mAh battery, we should expect that type of battery life. A 1080p 5.5″ display will be on board. This processor on board is an octo-core, however it is not as powerful as the six core processor on their flagship. This device has a Snapdragon 615 processor. Its best feature may not be the speed, but it is definitely the battery. For $300, you can’t go wrong.

The flagship of Motorola is of course the Pure Edition. It will succeed the Moto X of last year. This device will have a QHD 5.7″ display which is a bit larger than the predecessor. It will have a more powerful Snapdragon 808 which is a six core processor and 3GB of RAM. Even better, this device will be $399 off contract.