The LG will supply the Apple Watch with OLED displays

The LG will supply the Apple Watch with OLED displays

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It seems like Samsung won’t be supplying Apple with any watch displays. LG looks to be scraping up those contracts. LG will reportedly be supplying Apple with plastic OLED displays for their upcoming Apple Watch (I always want to say iWatch for some reason). According to JP Morgan, LG is expected to significantly surge in 2015 and 2016 thanks to contracts for the Cupertino company.


LG isn’t looking for any small numbers either. The company expects to ship out about 29 million watches by the end of 2015. The company also expects to deliver P-OLED for each unit and priced at $45 apiece. By 2016, the Apple Watch units could reach a staggering 61 million units shipped.

Even though Sammy isn’t providing Apple with any display technology, the company isn’t left out of the food chain. Rumor has it that the Korean Giant will be supplying Apple with 32-bit processors.

Wearable’s aren’t seen as a huge cash generator, so the Apple Watch will be able to shine in the smartwatch territory. This may be why the Apple Watch will start off at a hefty $349. However, due to the smartwatch being a niche product, Apple will be able to aim it at a high valued market; keeping its resale value for a long period of time.