Leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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It seems like more leaks just keep coming in. From the looks of things, it seems like Galaxy Note 5 and S6 will share similar designs. That’s not a surprise considering the fact that both the S and Note lineups have always been sharing most of the internals. What is interesting is how well the design is done.


Finally, the Note line up will be getting an updated design. The new leak, posted by @onleaks, has some pretty juicy info on the new Note 5. With the new Note 5, it will have the same design as the Note Edge, however the rear edges will be curved. Because this is just a mockup, I’m sure there will be a Note 5 Edge, making the screen curved as well. Samsung is now making the rear of the phone rounded to fit your hand a bit more ergonomically.

What’s missing is a lot, and hopefully the good will outweigh the bad. Apparently, the removable back cover is gone. So, for those who are looking to expand the battery pack of their device or quick swap their MicroSD cards so they don’t have to load a ton of songs or be able to expand their memory will be out of luck. Because the S6 dodged removable back, this was kind of expected, leaving Sony, LG, and HTC as the bigger Android handsets with expandable storage. Due to the blazing speeds of Universal Flash Storage 2.0, we may not need expandable storage or removable batteries. Because the transfer speeds are so fast, swapping wouldn’t be necessary.

Samsung is looking to refine the Note series rather than give it too much it doesn’t need. That could be why Samsung is keeping the 5.7″ screen. The removable back may question some hardcore Galaxy fans, but the ultimate sacrifice could equal a lighter, stronger, more powerful smartphone.