It’s about time: T-Mobile is now the third largest U.S. Carrier

It’s about time: T-Mobile is now the third largest U.S. Carrier

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It was bound to happen, we just didn’t know when. The moves this carrier was doing was just impossible to forget. We were on the tip of our chairs just waiting for it to be official. It was like waiting for the light to turn green. As of today, T-Mobile is the third largest carrier in the United States.


As of today, Sprint reported its latest earnings report which showed a gain of 675,000 new users in the first quarter. That may sound like a lot, but that dwarfs in the eyes of T-Mobile. The magenta company has reported a gain of a jaw dropping 2 million customers in the same quarter. That makes out to 57 million customers on Sprint and 58.9 million customers on T-Mobile.

Sprint claims that they only lost 12,000 postpaid subscribers in the second quarter, but last year the company lost over 620,000 postpaid subscribers. Sprint may have gained 310,000 postpaid subscribers during the quarter, but in the same quarter last year, the company bled 181,000 postpaid subscribers.

Thanks to T-Mobile applying pressure to carriers, the company has been disrupting the smartphone game. Sprint has been trying to play it, but it’s been having a hard time finding the cheat codes to beat it. Sprint has been quite busy on the contrary, restructuring RadioShack stores to complete their “Store-within-a-store” concept. Unfortunately only 25% of those stores have been complete with the rest to be complete by the end of this year. With T-Mobile’s aggressive advertising, affordable pricing, NEXT plans, and faster network with more consistent 4G LTE offerings, it’s hard to pass up such a good offering just to get with another company that is still building its network.