HTC Exec claims that Samsung is in it for those greenbacks

HTC Exec claims that Samsung is in it for those greenbacks

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Everybody duck! HTC is throwing shots at Sammy. This time, the Taiwanese company is going for low blows. When it comes to rivals, it doesn’t get any better than HTC and Samsung back in the old days. Now, an old rival of Samsung is coming back for a visit.


When it comes to design, some may accuse Samsung for replicating designs from other companies. In an Apple vs. Samsung case with the supreme court, it cost the company just a hair over 1 billion dollars; a slap on the wrist for the Korean Giant. However, HTC claims Samsung hasn’t learned its lesson yet. Does this mean HTC now share the Same views when it comes to Samsung “slavishly copying” their material?

HTC’s executive was asked what was their position when it comes to placement in the smartphone marketplace where Apple and Samsung were the considerable favorites. When it came to expenditures, he stated that Samsung has the money to promote their devices with Apple being able to give the company a run for their money. He hit the topic in spades when he stated that Apple was super effective when it came to making an emotional connection between the user and the device. However, he stated that HTC devices stand for something much bigger than that. HTC referred to Samsung as “the other company” when they claimed that Samsung was just in it for the money.

There are multiple sides to this story. One may believe what HTC’s exec is saying is true. However, according to SamMobile, a company can’t survive without money.  Others may say HTC is just jealous of Samsung’s major success. When you think about it, Samsung has made a drastic change with their new devices while HTC only made incremental changes. Is this because HTC doesn’t have the funds to push technology forward with their devices? What are your thoughts?