Galaxy S4: Samsung’s UnPacked Event in a Nut Shell

Galaxy S4: Samsung’s UnPacked Event in a Nut Shell

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Samsung went over the top at the UnPacked Event at NYC.  Samsung traded the majical theme for a Broadway theme; and exaderated what the Galaxy S4 could do by a Play.  Samsung managed to talk about the features by spreading laughter throuout the conference.  Of course some people might say it was lame, but Samsung got their point across.  Instead of putting emphasis on the specs, Samsung put emphasis on the features.

Just Like this one…Only better

Samsung has a history of following Apple in their footsteps. While Samsung has more features, Apple still holds a “Quality” reputation. Some people criticize Samsung for making the Galaxy S4 similar to the Galaxy SIII.  While it does in fact share similarities, Things are switched around.  For example, the speaker, and camera flash has been switched back to the days of the Galaxy SII.  Like Apple, Samsung simply moved things around.

Sammy pulled a Sony

What is the actual processor that will make it to American shores? Samsung left the world hanging and didn’t tell us about the features people actually care about.  There are two possibilities that we are working with on the processor side; a quad core 1.8 Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 and an Octa Core 1.9 GHz processor Exynos processor.  Sony announced the features of the Plastation 4 but didn’t say anything about what people wanted; all the details.

Pretty Much Expected

People expected more out of Samsung, just like they expect more out of Apple.  When Apple unveiled the iPhone 5, it was nothing spectacular about the 5 from the 4S.  If you took a rolling iron to the 4S and stretched it you really couldn’t tell the difference.  Samsung basically followed that same structure and put a truck load of features in the huge device.  Most people knew Samsung was going to build it out of plastic (Polycarbonate), but some people wanted a better looking design. Sure, Samsung doesn’t hire the best design team, but at least they make a conservative look that we all can get used to; sort of like an Audi.

Overall….Big update on the Inside…Small update on the Outside

Samsung disappointed with the design, but didn’t hold back on features.  Sony, LG, and HTC basically showed you what was going to be in the Galaxy S4.  From the IR Blaster to the Burst Shots to the Editing features; Samsung has them all.  Finally, the consumer has multiple choices to choose from.

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    Cool phone. Not sure why people are whining about how it supposedly looks ugly and sucks.