What You Don’t Know About Samsung

What You Don’t Know About Samsung

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We all know that Samsung is much bigger than just a smartphone company. Besides their stellar phablets and high end laptops, the company is bigger than life. Sometimes we watch their Televisions, other times we are looking in their refrigerators. Some people wonder who exactly is Samsung. For those who don’t know, here are some interesting facts about the juggernaut.


There is a reason why Samsung is known as the Korean Giant. Best known for their semiconductors, Sammy license them to companies like Apple Inc. While Apple has other companies like Pegatron and Foxconn to put their beautiful masterpieces together, Samsung supplies the key components to their rival. Founded in 1938 as a trading company, it wasn’t until the late 1950’s when the company began getting into the technology industry. Aside from making Microwaves the company built massive tanks like the K1 for the Korean War. Samsung also owns South Koreas largest theme park called Everland. Samsung also make bulldozers like the Samsung SC170. Samsung also creates some of the biggest tankers and passenger ships for carrying large cargo. It wasn’t until the 1980’s when Samsung began creating laptops and personal computers.


You can say that Samsung is a company that not only follows the industry, but leads it as well. Currently, the company has more than 427,000 employees and has the largest marketing budget of any company in the tech industry, including their biggest rival; Apple. As of 2012, the company was sitting on over $269 billion dollars in revenue with over $30 billion coming in as of last year. Samsung is now pushing the industry forward with the innovation of smartwatches and smart wristbands. While the company may be known in America as the number 1 television maker, it is also known as being a Korean Giant. Oh, did I forget to mention that Samsung makes flagship vehicles as well? Maybe that’s why Samsung is the only Technology company with three CEO’s.