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Tesla was able to raise $738 million from their recent stock sale Wednesday. Because the regulatory filings were far higher than the original estimates, even Tesla was surprised. This will definitely help Tesla place cars like the Model X and Model 3 on track for production.


Tesla Motors originally hoped to get $500 million last week. That number later bolooned to $650 million. Just 24 hours later, Tesla agreed to sell more shares capturing nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars. The second stock sale included Goldman Sachs and  Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, which explains which deep pockets the money came from.

To put things into perspective, Tesla Motors has about 2.7 million shares. Just over 400,000 of those shares went to the underwriters recently. Even Tesla’s own CEO Elon Musk planned to spend $20 million of his own money in the deal, so it must have been a great deal.

The company plans to spend the majority of the money to help build their massive battery factory. The company is planning to introduce its SUV Model X next month and unveil the Model 3 soon. Rumors are also spreading of a new Tesla Roadster or what we would call the Model R in the making, so there is big plans that Tesla has underway.


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If you are a Tesla owner here in Michigan, you are most likely stuck between a rock and a hard place, literally. While there are only two Supercharging stations here, the company can’t even service the vehicles. It’s not because of Tesla though. If the company could, by all means it would. However, due to Michigan’s outdated laws that the government here is enforcing, it prevents the company from even working on the cars for their customers.


Lawmakers in Michigan is enforcing the direct sale law that prevents the direct sale of a company’s car to consumers. Tesla uses this model to cut out the middle man, this keeps the price low for the Model S. With Michigan being one of the five states that prohibits direct sales (Including Arizona, Connecticut, Texas, and West Virginia), it makes it difficult for Tesla Motors to service their vehicles.

Michigan’s dealership lobbying is still strong, and it is making a big effort to keep the Tesla Model S from selling. However, those efforts are weak as Tesla isn’t phased by the poor lobbying strategy. Tesla owners aren’t stressing as the company is able to upgrade or service most of the vehicles electronics via an OTA update. As for cosmetic damages, that’s another story.


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Simply put, the scale of Tesla Motors is huge. Located in Fremont, California, the EV giant has taken over a large facility which use to house a joint venture between Toyota and GM which lasted from 1984 to 2009. When the hard times rolled in, both companies sold the building and the land, which Elon Musk took advantage of and got it for a pretty amazing deal. Which used to be called the NUMMI plant is now called the Tesla plant.


Below is a drown footage shot by a Tesla Employee by the name of Stephen Powelson. What is known as the second largest building by footprint, covering more than 5.2 million square feet, Powelson shows just how big that footprint really is, in 4K. Purchased in 2010, the first Tesla rolled of the line in 2012.

Back then, the plant was able to produce 100,000 cars annually, so far, Tesla is producing 100,000 every year. With the Model X CUV on the way, the company is expected to produce even more. After that will come the Model III, which used to be known as the model E before Ford reportedly killed SEX. With Tesla’s Gigafactory underway, it should make for one of the biggest plants on Earth.



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With all of the Insane and Ludicrous speeds the Tesla Model S has, it’s hard to think about the Tesla Roadster. It’s unbelievable to see the Model S as the world’s fastest sedan, but it is.  Most of the press is point to a sedan that can hit 60 in just 2.8 seconds. But little do everyone knows, the Tesla Roadster is officially coming in 4 years.


The original Roadster grew the Tesla company. Released in 2006, it was an all electric car that can go 245 miles on a single charge and hit 125 mph. It was based on the Lotus Elise platform with the batter pack in the back to keep the power planted like a mid engine car. Tesla hasn’t came out with a Roadster in years, but it recently got a surprising 3.0 upgrade that improved the range and performance. Of course that was because the Tesla Model S was making the Roadster feel a little on the slow side.

The Roadster will be very important as it will increase Tesla’s line-up in the future. The electric company is expected to release the Model X next year, with the Model 3 right after that. Next thing you know the Roadster will be next. However, something tells me that the Roadster will be called the Model R.

The Verge

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If you just bought a Lamborghini, chances are a Sedan can take off on you. Specifically speaking, the Tesla Model S. If you thought the insane mode was insane, just wait until you get a load of the ludicrous mode.


The upgrade to the Model S will be two things; a 90 kWh battery and a Quicker 0-60 time. The insane mode gave drivers a 0-60 time of just 3.2 seconds. However, the new Ludicrous mode gives drivers a 0-60 time of just 2.8 seconds. This leaves the Dodge Charger Hellcat in the dust while keeping pace with a Lamborghini Aventador and knocks on the door of the Bugatti Veyron, giving million dollar cars a run for their money.

The bigger battery gives the Tesla Model S an extra 15 miles of range making the EPA fuel economy 300 miles on a single charge, exactly what the company always wanted. So, as long as you can keep your speeds at 65 MPH, you should be fine.

To get these type of numbers, Tesla had to pull 1,300 amps safely. With that type of power, fuses can melt due to the sheer heat. Tesla’s developed a new fuse that uses electronics and its own tiny lithium ion battery to detect when it will melt, and cut power if necessary.

To get this ludicrous speed, you will need ludicrous money. If you are a current owner of a Tesla Model S, you lucky, because it’s only a $3,000 upgrade to swap out the battery. But to get the Ludicrous mode, you will have to pony up $5,000 for a system upgrade. To get the insane mode, it will be a $10,000 upgrade for new buyers on top of the $105,000 P85D Model. It’s great to see Tesla adopt the upgrade model from BMW. Instead of leaving older buyers in the dust, BMW upgrade previous generation models to keep them up to date.


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Tesla Model 3 shoppers will have to wait a bit longer for the 3 series competitor. However, Tesla is disputing those claims. During a presentation that happened recently, Tesla Chief Technical Officer JB Straubel showed a slide that showed the Tesla Model 3 was “planned for 2018.” This made everyone believe that the BMW 3 series competitor was going to be delayed.


It turns out that this was a matter of semantics, rather than any actual delay. Tesla was quick to state that the car is in deed still on track for production. Tesla still plans to unveil the Model 3 in 2016 and begin production in 2018.

That’s right, the Tesla Model 3 is still on track for their production date. There is still a few questions that remains to be answered. One main question is if the car can retain it’s $35,000 price mark. When the Tesla Model S was unveiled, it promised a $49,000 starting price range. However, this is now a car that can easily top $125,000; more than double it’s starting price. Another question still remaining is whether or not this car can still retain its 200 mile range with a $35,000 price mark. To get a Model S that can go 300 miles, you have to opt for a package that cost nearly $80,000. Let’s hope that’s not the case with the Tesla Model 3.


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Well, it seems like Elon Musk has more faith in Michigan’s economy than their own governor. Tesla will now be making an automotive presence in Michigan; an “Anti-Tesla state” as Mr. Musk would say. The Silicon Valley company will be purchasing the assembly plant in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Riviera Tool is an EV and battery manufacturing company based in Michigan. About 100 employees reside at this company. Initially responsible for stamping  parts that are shipped to Tesla’s assembly plant in Fremont, California, the company is now being acquired for an undisclosed amount. Tesla is expected to use the employees for their operations and rename the company to Tesla Tool & Die (I see what you did there).

“Tesla’s aggressive volume goal for 2015 has the automaker working overtime to secure sufficient production capacity. Purchasing a Michigan-based tool and die company illustrates Tesla’s need for a capable and dedicated manufacturing partner. It could represent the first of many such acquisitions we’ll see in the months ahead.”

~ Karl Brauer, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book

There’s good reason as to why Tesla is acquiring manufacturers. Tesla is ramping up production with the Model S and preparing for the Model X production as well. Due to the scarce resources, the company needs to grab as much supplies as possible. The company is now turning to Michigan as a primary resource. In return, the company will boost the Michigan Economy by adding more jobs. While Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder is enforcing outdated laws to prevent small companies like Tesla from thriving, it seems like small companies like Tesla is looking to help Michigan.


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You may remember back in 2014 when we talked about Google may purchase Tesla Motors. That in fact was true; at one point. Musk approached Larry Page to help raise capital for Tesla. During those times, Tesla was struggling as Elon Musk was running out of money, pouring what he had left into the company. Back then, Elon Musk was willing to sell the company for $6 billion dollars; a company that is now worth more than a jaw dropping $26 billion dollars just a few years later. So, what really happened?


Back in the beginning of May 2013, gas prices weren’t exactly where the market wanted them. That could have been the reason why Tesla shocked the market as they posted their first quarterly profit. During the time, the Tesla Model S was now in higher demand than ever, boosting their shares to $200. However, earlier in that year, everything wasn’t so sweet for the company.

During that year, the company was having difficulty turning preorders into sales. As the company began to struggle, Musk turned to Google’s Larry Page for help, offering the company to another that knows nothing about cars. Musk still wanted to work with Google to make sure thing were getting done. Even though the Model S went on sale, it was missing plenty of features to battle its Benz partner and BMW’s of the likes. Besides the flawless safety rating, the Model S still missed key features like park assist and fine stitched leather amenities.

If Google was to purchase the company Tesla Motors at the time, the company would have had to fork over $6 billion in cash, another $5 billion in factory expansion, and a promise not to shut the car company down before the third generation car. (Which is of course the highly anticipated Model III). Larry Page shook on the deal, but this was during a time the company began selling cars. After cars began selling the company was able to post $11 million dollars in quarterly profits on 562 million dollars in revenue. After that moment, you can pretty much guess what happened after that. Just two weeks later, profits doubled and got the US Department of Energy money paid back with $15 million dollars in interest. I don’t think Tesla really needed any help after that.


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Samsung and LG has pioneered in OLED technology. This is something that can be found in most smartphones today. The Technology became popular with the release of the Samsung Galaxy SII back in 2010. Now that the technology is being used in television applications, it is now extending into vehicular territory. BMW will be the first to push the technology forward.


At CES 2015, BMW revealed organic taillights that were going to be introduced on the upcoming M4 model. The new OLED technology produces light from wafer-thin semiconducting layers of organic material. This lighting has a thickness of just 1.4 millimeters.

With this technology, it is able to create different styling of tail lamps on future BMW. In the video, people talked about the new BMW M4 Iconic Lights Concept. With the OLED concept, it is able to create and L-Shaped pattern in one mode, but when the car is put into sport mode, the lights change to a totally new pattern. BMW has already confirmed that the organic light setup will be coming to future M models stating that the technology is coming “Soon.” The M4 could possibly be the first M model to get the OLED lights soon.


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Remember that awful start the Hellcat got when it went against the Tesla Model S P85D? Yeah. The 2015 Dodge Challenger practically did a quarter mile burnout. Not only that, the Hellcat Redlined the whole way down the track. Now, you can see that the driver finally got the launch right.


The P85D set a world record on the quarter mile track, setting an 11.6 second sprint in a quarter mile stretch with a 114.6 mph trap speed for electric vehicles the first time. The rematch changes the game. This time around, the Hellcat was serious. When it was time to kick ass, the Hellcat ran an 11.08 second run at 125.92 mph, while the Tesla P85D came in second with a 11.92 second run at 112.11 mph. While this run was a heir longer than the last P85D run, the Hellcat managed to beat both times. This could be thanks to the trap speed of the Tesla. Due to the Model S having just a single gear, this gave the slight advantage to the Challenger and its 8 gears.

The Tesla may have the 0-60 time, but when it comes to staying ahead of the race, the Challenger has that in spades. We will have to see what the Hellcat Charger will do to the Tesla P85D on the track.

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