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Samsung has shown interest in buying Blackberry many times. It looked like Samsung was going to buy Blackberry in 2012, but even now this looks like a very good option.


However, Simon Dyer from Swift Contract Phones believes that a merger isn’t necessary as BlackBerry is back on track to make somewhat of a comeback.

He explains, “BlackBerry are enjoying a bit of a resurgence over the last few months thanks to a return to what they do well – QWERTY phones that are secure. I think we’re going to see more of them over the next 12 months too and there could be a slider phone from their stable later this year. No need to merge in my opinion, I think BlackBerry can go it alone.”

With that thought in mind lets give you both sides of the picture. Here are the five most important reasons why Samsung and Blackberry should merge:

  1. John Chen:

John Chen has done really well in stabilizing Blackberry. He is still thinking of ways to make Blackberry more successful. On the other hand, Samsung leadership has not been stable whereas the mobile unit and the product design are concerned. If Samsung pays 7.5 billion USD to merge both the companies, then John Chen would be totally worth it. John Chen would take Samsung to new heights for sure.

  1. BES 12 and Samsung:

Samsung has a strong enterprise.  The company is looking for partners after IBM and Apple joined hands. Sammy is extremely popular as it is considered the number one Android mobile company, but this could change anytime this year. It is time for Samsung to succeed in managing multiple devices.  Blackberry is already managing multiple devices with its Blackberry Enterprise Server. If Samsung and Blackberry merge together they would definitely achieve success that they have never attained before.

  1. QNX:

Samsung announced at CES 2015 that all Samsung devices will be running on the internet in the near future. It is great news, however Samsung is still deficient of putting all the devices together. The problem could be easily solved if Samsung merges with Blackberry. According to Chen, QNX can solve this problematic situation with no trouble. With QNX, Samsung would be able to achieve its goal of running all Samsung devices on the internet. If this happens, you could be getting entertained while travelling in a car pretty soon!

  1. Operating Systems owned by Samsung:

Samsung usually depends on Android as its operating system, but lately the Korean Giant has been trying to grow their Tizen platform. Right now, Samsung needs the QNX platform in order to fulfill its objective of tying all Samsung devices together. Blackberry relies on QNX as its operating system. If Samsung and Blackberry merge together, Samsung could easily build upon QNX and use it as its operating system.

  1. Samsung’s Biggest threat:

If we think that Apple is the main danger to Samsung then we are clearly wrong. The biggest threat to Samsung is the Chinese mobiles like Xiamoi, which is also running Android. In order to emerge as the best mobile company, Samsung needs to use other operating systems than the Android. If Samsung buys Blackberry and use QNX as its operating system, many of its complications would be resolved.

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Even though WhatsApp currently has voice calling unavailable, that doesn’t stop the company from gaining users. Just 5 months ago, Facebook announced the purchase of WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars. 5 months later, the company has managed to add 100 million users every month. That took the active users from 400 million to an amazing 700 million. The App now has users sending 30 billion messages every day.


Even with all those users, the company still has no plans to monetize the app. Users only need to pay 99 cents annually to use the app, which is not a lot to ask. No ads or in app purchases are in the app; which is incredible considering how much Facebook acquired the App for. The company doesn’t plan to monetize until the users reaches 1 billion. By that time, we should see a VOIP add on for calling services.

You can find the WhatsApp on any platform now. From iOS, Android, all the way to Blackberry and Windows Phone, the app can be downloaded. There are many competitors to WhatsApp from TextNow to BBM. However, their biggest competitor remains Line, which only have about 170 million users as of last year. (Which isn’t available on many platforms).


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Even Amazon wanted an App Store in an App Store. Amazon had to replace their App with a new app in the Google Play Store because the old app had Amazon’s own store. You know; the store that has similar apps Google is trying to sell you. Nice try Amazon.


Google does not allow other Apps to link directly to other App Stores for downloadable apps. However, back in September, Amazon updated their AppStore which allows others to download unauthorized apps. The bookselling giant gotten away with it for months, but now Google has caught up with them and told them to take it down. Amazon confirmed with Android Police that Google forced it to take it down. Google changed some language in its developer agreement in late September, making Amazon’s app objectively against the rules.

A simple change in rules can make the biggest difference for companies, even if the company had no clue of it. The section previously stated that developers could not release apps “whose primary purpose” is to distribute other apps before September. However, the new version prohibits “any product which has a purpose” that does the same. This was clearly a business move that allows more downloads for the Play Store while stuffing Amazon between a rock and a hard place. If you are looking for the old Amazon App, you will have to side load it from Amazon’s website.


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For many years, people have been addicted to the PlayStation Portable, but with the emergence of smart phones and tablets one doesn’t feel the need to carry a PSP. The PSP was finally replaced by the PlayStation Vita. Many people have great memories of their childhood with the best video games on the PSP of all times. The good news is that now, you can play your all-time favorite PSP video games on android with the help of an emulator.


PPSSPP is no doubt one of the best PPSP emulator for Android. It has been available on Google play since early 2013. PPSSPP helps to run the games of PSP on android in full speed. It also supports booting game backups. Another benefit of this emulator is that it can upscale textures without which the graphics could be fuzzy as they were made for the small screen of the PSP. The previous PSP emulators did not have these qualities. With the help of PPSSPP, you can now bring back your memories by playing classic PSP games like Rainbow Six Vegas, Final Fantasy II, Puzzle Quest, Dragon Ball Evolution, Legend of Heroes, Wipeout Pure, God of War, Castlevania Dracula X, GTA Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories, as well as Little Big Planet.

Following is an easy and quick guide of downloading the PPSSPP on your android OS.

How to download and install PPSSPP?

You can easily download the best emulator for android absolutely free from Google play.  There are two versions available for downloading. The only difference between the simple version and the gold version is that the gold version is used for further development.

After downloading PPSSPP, you would need to download the games that you would like to play. There are no games available with PPSSPP as it is against the law. You can easily download the games in the format of CSO or ISO. You can also get the games files from the PSP using software. Remember, you can download only those games that you already own on your PSP.

How to play using PPSSPP?

First of all you would need to put the game into the root folder of your android tablet with the help of a file manager program or a USB cable. The second step would be to launch the emulator and then choose “load” to start your game. You can keep the default settings as they work perfectly fine. This would help you to play your favourite PSP games on android at full speed. You can also check the compatibility of a game before downloading it to your android device.

Depending on your handset you’ll also want to maximize its battery life as PPSSPP can drain a handset rather quickly. Check out these tips here for extending it.

How to remove the App?

If you need to delete the emulator for any reason, you can easily delete it like any other app is deleted from your android system. You can just remove the game files that you put there in order to remove the games. By following these two simple steps you would easily get rid of the stimulator and the games.

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Android Apps

Never ever I imagined that there will come a time where you would be using your android devices to detect any paranormal activity. Yes, you read it right! Thanks to the ever-growing interest of people in paranormal activity reality shows, it has pushed many developers to create some great ghost hunting apps for android devices. These reality shows have made people more curious about ghost hunters, their lives, the places they visit and the tools they use.

These ghost hunting apps are cleverly developed by programmers. They are equipped with the tools that look like the ones used by serious investigators. Though most of these apps are ambiguous, but they still are very popular among amateur paranormal researchers who use them for their spirit hunting adventures.

Some of them are sound analyzers used to experiment some unusual electronic voice occurrences, while some others offer an audio visual presentation of irregular electromagnetic readings.

There are several apps available for ghost hunting that provide information of paranormal activity. Here is a detail of 3 best apps available for android devices.


WARNING: They are not at all recommended by serious paranormal investigators. Use them at your own risk.

  1. Ghost Radar:

Ghost Radar is one of the most widely used apps by amateur paranormal investigators. This app is supposed to detect paranormal activities. It scans electromagnetic fields for alleged ghost or spirit; it measures sounds, vibrations and shows only irregular patterns after analyzing all the readings.

According to developer, Spud Pickles, it measures the quantum fluctuation around your device, it claims to determine the presence of a spirit as blips on a radar screen and even communicate with the being.

It has a very nice graphical interface, and has got some good reviews. It has a rating of 4/5 stars from more than 37,000 users. You can download this app for free on your android device from Google Play Store.

  1. Ghost EVP Analyzer:


Ghost EVP Analyzer is basically a sound recorder. This app provides tools for recording and playback through a range of meters. It has a very neat GUI which shows normal or abnormal sound readings. After recording EVP, the apps built-in analyzer will let you playback the recorded sound in normal mode, half speed or reverse for analysis purposes and to check whether there is any abnormality with the recorded sound.


Ghost EVP has an excellent sound quality as compared to other average sound recorders. You can also transfer the sound recordings to your PC after connecting with your android device. Unlike many other ghost hunting apps, Ghost EVP Analyzer comes with a one-time price of $1.59 and available to purchase and download from Google Play Store.


  1. Paranormal Field Guide:


Paranormal Field Guide shows you the list of thousands of haunted places and locations for your ghost hunting pleasure. This app has a comprehensive database which gives you an insight into each haunted place and any supernatural myths or legends associated with it. It shows you the key areas of interest and popular ghost sightings. Some places include alleged haunted houses, ghost of the roads and even UFO sightings too. You can manually select a location of your preference and browse through the details before planning a trip to that haunted place.


Currently this apps database covers areas around European countries like United Kingdom, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland with over 9800 locations. This app is free to download from Google Play Store.




Whether these ghost hunting apps detect any kind of paranormal activity is still a big question mark in my eyes but if you think there is something mysterious in your backyard, something strange happening in your neighborhood which doesn’t look good; grab your android device and download these ghost hunting apps and get on with your spirit seeking adventures. They are worth giving a try, provided you have free time in your hands.


Author Bio:


This guest post is written by Andrew Alpert a professional copywriter at Assignment Villa where students asked, write my assignment for me.

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Samsung didn’t hesitate to get the day started unveiling their arsenals. Samsung came out with guns blazing. The highly anticipated curved display technology we have been talking about for years from Samsung is finally here. Introducing the Galaxy Note Edge. Samsung didn’t just unveil the Note 4, the Korean Giant unveiled the Galaxy Note Edge. The side of the display is curved, allowing for viewing to be seen if you are laying down in bed. You can save battery life by just looking at your missed notification on the edge of the display. Without viewing the full screen, you can view the edge. Just like the Note 4, it will have a 5.6 inch display with a 1440 x 2560 display.

Speaking of the Note 4, it is definitely a force to be reckoned with. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad core processor overclocked to 2.7 GHz with 3GB of RAM. Also, it comes with a 5.7″ 1440 x 2560 Quad HD display. It still comes with 32 GB of memory with microSD expansion. The removable back cover allows the customers to personalize the phone which allows you to put a bigger battery in the phone, wireless charging back cover, or different colored covers. Fast charging is embedded into the phone allowing to charge the phone from 0 to 100 real quick. It takes 99 minutes to fully charge the phone; or just 0 to 50% in 30 minutes. Speaking of the battery, it gets a slight bump from 3200 to 3220 mAh. As for the camera, we’re looking at a 16-megapixel sensor, which is likely the ISOCELL unit from the Galaxy S5 with Smart OIS. This combines Optical Image Stabilization and Digital Image Stabilization to get your shots taken faster. The front facing camera is 3.7 MP shooter that is excellent in low light situation due to the f/1.9 aperture. Ultra power saving mode is also coming to the Note 4. And yes, the Note 4 is finally made out of metal…on the side. The back is still made out of the beautiful faux leather we all love. The weight is 176 grams and 8.5 mm thick. Samsung will also give 50 GB of free Dropbox storage with the Note 4. Samsung has truly threw the kitchen sink at the Galaxy Note 4.




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Fishing is a sport for some and a hobby for others. In either case, it has existed in our community for quite a while now. With the interference of smartphones and tablets in our daily lives, it is no surprise that the routine anglers are looking out for apps that can help them with their hobby more. Here are ten awesome fishing apps that can help all the anglers out there to take their game to a whole new level:

  1. FishingScout

One of the informative apps that include all information about what places are the best suited for the anglers, countless photos of other people and their fish catches of the day, advice on fishing and an access to a whole new community of fishermen.


  1. Wind Finder

When you go fishing, wind is one of the major factors that play a role in the success of the game. Wind Finder is an amazing app for fishing that can help take your fishing to another level by bringing you live updates from over twenty thousand locations and ten thousand weather stations. This app helps inform you about the direction, pressure and speed about winds and waves.


  1. Fish Rules

Fish Rules app is useful for explaining all the rules that are associated with fishing. This app states the fishing rules related to saltwater regions. It includes explanation on different restrictions and regulations as well as general information about the number of fish you can catch, their size, their seasons etc.


  1. Fish Brain

This app is an interactive and learning app that observes your fishing technique and your success and failure rate when you go angling. It generates a technique that it believes would assist you in scoring more catch at the sea after learning your patterns and time frame.


  1. Knot Wars

Another factor when it comes to successful fishing is your ability to tie a knot. The Knot Wars app is based on the popular reality TV series that helps you learn forty different kinds of knots and their strength levels.


  1. Marines Tides Planner

Waves and tides can affect fishing a lot. With the help of this app, you can keep a full track on different tides and their currents, depths, sunrise and sunset times as well as times when it is extremely high or low. With the information at your fingertips, you no longer have to wait for guesses and estimates anymore.


  1. WFN Fishing Log

Like a personal planner or a log diary, WFN Fishing Log can help you keep track of all the fish you catch. It not only helps you record different fish you catch but also traces the location you caught it from, the size of the fish, date, weather condition as well as the species that you managed to barter.


  1. iFish

How would you like an app that gives you details about the lakes near you, the best times as well as a location that could help you catch a big fish for the day? It is an app that makes use of database and GPS trackers to help you provide knowledgeable information.


  1. P-T-D

P-T-D app or the Precision Trolling data is a useful app that can provide the anglers with the depth of a specific location they are fishing at. With the depth information you can easily find better places for you to fish from.


  1. Fishing Clan Warrior

This app is a basis of entertainment for all the anglers waiting out there to catch their fish for the day. It is a fun game that can keep an angler engaged for an hour as they try to fish role playing as a Viking while waiting for their shot of the day.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and download any of the mentioned apps, and start fishing away.


About Author:

The Above Informative Content is Written by Professional Assignment Writing Expert UK who helping students online in their assignments.

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Moment app

Have you ever left a restaurant, patted your pocket and react in abject horror when you found yourself smacking your thigh and not the reassuring block of plastic you know and love? Do you find yourself on edge, sweating, or getting the shakes when you leave your phone charging one room away? If so, you’re not alone.

47% of respondents to a recent Bank of America survey said that they would not last a day without their smartphones. Smartphones ranked only below the internet and maintaining personal hygiene in terms of importance to people’s daily lives. 91% of respondents said that their mobile device is as important as their deodorant and car. Unsurprisingly, people aged 18-24 seemed even more attached, as 90% of them said their smartphones were more important than deodorant and 93% said they needed their smartphone fix even more than they needed a toothbrush.

Of course an argument could be made that for many people, smartphones are a part of the way they earn their living, so of course they’d consider it so indispensable. But for some people, smartphones have become an all-consuming addiction. For these people, their need to use it has less to do with keeping up with work emails and checking in with friends than it does with giving in to a compulsion.

Enter Moment. Moment, a new app for the iPhone and soon to be available for Android devices, tracks how much your use your phone each day. If, after you realize you spend more time on your smartphone than you do sleeping, you decide you want to cut back on your usage, you can set daily time limits for yourself. The app will then give you gentle reminders that you’re approaching your usage.

And the reminders are certainly gentle. Instead of doing something like turning your phone off, threatening to infect it with a virus or even giving you aggressive messages like, “You are wasting your life staring at this screen,” Moment takes a calmer approach. The notifications are described as gentle taps on your shoulder” and say things like, “Hey, you’re halfway to your daily limit already and it’s only 11 AM.”

This softer approach is probably because Moment isn’t designed to be some sort of anti-technology app. Its creators recognize the advantages of being able to connect to anyone immediately. Rather, the focus with this app is to allow people to realize exactly how much time they’re spending and their phones and to help them find the balance they want between phone time and other things.

You might be thinking of the irony of having an app on your smartphone helping you to stop using your smartphone. In fact, if you love stats you might be concerned you’ll get addicted to monitoring Moment. Relax: the app isn’t set up to have a big running timer and doesn’t let you know how you rank nationally in smartphone usage—though that might be interesting.

It runs invisibly in the background on your phone, and you’ll probably only realize it’s there when it gives you one of those “gentle taps on the shoulder.” Hopefully most of use won’t require anything more than a tap.


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If you’ve been driving the same ’98 Rav 4 for the last decade you may or may not be surprised to learn that a tape deck/CD player stereo combo is no longer the limit to technology in cars these days. If you aren’t really in a position to put down twenty-five grand on a brand new vehicle with all the bells and whistles, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t capable of adding a few technological touches to your rusted-out oil burner. All you need is a smartphone and this list and you can bring whatever car you’re driving into the twenty-first century. Here are four apps to help you get there:

Road Trip

So even if you don’t own one of those new cars with the fancy computer display in the dashboard, chances are you’ve seen one. Besides a satellite radio, these days it’s almost standard for a car to measure the miles per gallon in real time to help the driver know when they’re driving efficiently and when they’re hogging gas.

If you get Road Trip, you can pretty much have the same thing right on your iPhone. Not only will it help you keep track of your fuel economy, but it will also keep track of how much you spend on fuel, which allows you figure out which routes will be the cheapest. As an added bonus, the app will also remind you when you’re due for maintenance and how much you’ve spent on your car.

Gas Buddy

Even with Road Trip helping you drive more efficiently, unless you’re driving a Tesla Roadster, you’re going to need to fill up again eventually. That’s where Gas Buddy comes in.

This app will replace the inevitable conversation you have with everyone when they find out you’re going on a road trip. No longer will you have to debate whether the Texaco or Mobil station is cheaper this month, and you can avoid driving across town because your mom swore she saw a place that had gas for five cents cheaper. Gas Buddy will find the lowest-priced gas in your city or zip code, saving you time and money.

Drive Bot

Road Trip is about mpg and DriveBot is about mph. Yeah, yeah, I know—most cars since the Model T have had a speedometer. But DriveBot stores the information and gives you insight into things like what the fastest speed you’ve ever gone is, what your average speed is and how much total time you’ve spent driving. You can look at your performance on specific routes and also find out stats about your total driving time.

The app won’t be a distraction either, because it can run in the background. All you have to do is turn it on and forget about it until you reach your destination. Just try to resist the urge to check your stats while you’re still en route.


How about a feature most new cars don’t have? Witnessis an app that converts your iPhone into a dash cam. Approximately 90% of car crash-related videos on the internet come from Russian dash cams, so that should give you a sense of how handy this app could be.

Of course, its possible uses extend beyond capturing viral videos of bear attacks and other bizarre former Soviet bloc antics. Footage of an accident can be invaluable to prove who was at fault in an accident and avoid any perilous he-said, she-said liability issues.

The app records an hour — or less, you can adjust the amount of time — of footage and loops back over itself so it doesn’t fill up your memory. It also comes with an accident management system to help you record information, save insurance information and even notify a loved one that you’ve been in an accident. It’s an app you hope you’ll never have any use for, but one that is good to have.

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Patrick Maloney pic

The glow of the graduation parties has faded away. Some grads still aren’t prepared to face the dreaded, imminent question: now what? Ideally, if you’re graduating you’ve had a job opportunity lined up since January. But since this isn’t 1960 and jobs don’t just fall out of the sky for everyone with a college diploma, the hunt is still on for a lot of graduates. If you’re one of them, finding one is probably going to be your full-time job for a little while. Here are a few apps for your iPhone that will let you keep your job search going no matter where you are:

Job Search by

This app gives you access to 15 million jobs in over 50 countries and 28 languages. Chances are you’re only looking for one job, in one country and can only speak one language. But don’t fret, Job Search still has you covered. The app can use the GPS on your phone to tell you about jobs nearby and makes it easy for you to apply by letting you upload your résumé to the app.

It also lets you keep abreast of movement in the job market by giving you updates on your favorite companies and sending a message to your inbox when new jobs become available.


Even if the job market has changed a lot in the past decade, one old adage has remained true when thinking about hunting for a job: it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. That’s some bad news for anybody who spent their college career locked in the library avoiding networking at any cost. But LinkedIn is here to help too. The app helps you cultivate all those casual acquaintances you’ve made over the years into real job opportunities.

It also doesn’t just work as a more professional version of Facebook either. LinkedIn allows you to view, save and apply to recommended jobs as well.


While LinkedIn focuses more on expanding your connections, ABContacts concerns itself with managing the contacts you already have. So if you’re problem is that you have just way too many connections — a pretty good problem to have — ABContacts gets them organized for you. The app helps you sort all those names and numbers you nervously entered during the job fair by company name, job title and department. You can also filter your contacts by country, state, city, events and even by birthday. Plus, if you’re venturing to some unknown locale for a job interview, the app can display contacts’ addresses on a map.

Jobs for iOS by CareerBuilder

This is another straight job search app, but it’s worth looking at more than one to be sure no job you want slips through the cracks. Like’s Job Search, Jobs for iOS lets you search for job openings near your current location. It also helps you apply for them by letting you save your résumé to the app.  The app suggests jobs similar to ones you’ve applied to already, just in case those haven’t worked out so well for you.

One interesting feature is the ability to compare yourself to other candidates who are applying to the same job as you. Depending on your competition, this can help you feel way overconfident or really pessimistic about your chances. But when you’re desperate for a job, any feeling is better than total despair, right?


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