Breaking: Tag Heuer, Google, and Intel teams up to make the greatest...

Breaking: Tag Heuer, Google, and Intel teams up to make the greatest smartwatch

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It’s about time luxury watch makers get into the connected smartwatch territory. This has been something quite anticipated for a while now. With the Apple Watch Edition coming out soon, the 24K gold version is expected to cost $10,000. You think someone is going to buy it? You’re damn right they are. That’s why Google, Intel, and Tag Heuer will be teaming up to make the greatest connected smartwatch.


This shouldn’t be rocket science as to guess who will be responsible for what. Google will be responsible for the software, Intel will be responsible for the chipset, and Tag will be making sure the hardware is A1. This partnership was unveiled at Basel, Switzerland, you know, the country where they are excellent at making watches.

We haven’t seen exactly what the Tag Heuer smartwatch will be, but it is expected to claim awesomeness. There hasn’t been many smartwatches that look as premium as an actual luxury watch besides the Moto 360, Asus ZenWatch, and the LG G Watch Urbane. The closest to luxury smartwatches that Android Wear has ever came to was either the Moto 360 or Watch Urbane.

If you thought Tag Heuer is trying to compete with Apple’s Watch, think again.

“The difference between the TAG Heuer watch and the Apple Watch is very important. That one is called Apple, and this one is called TAG Heuer.”

CEO Jean-Claude Biver

There’s no debating the quote. Silicon Valley has indeed finally met Switzerland.