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Yesterday was a big day for Apple. And while we have been on a long (And exhausting vacation) we haven’t missed anything. Apple has announced the iPhone 6S. It may be a minor upgrade to very few, but it is a significant upgrade from the iPhone 6. Lets find 6 reasons to buy the iPhone 6S!


1.) Series 7000 Aluminum

The days of #Bentgate is finally over. Apple has transitioned from the brittle Anodized Aluminum to Series 7000 Aluminum. Anodizing greatly increases the material’s resistance to corrosion and wear by adding an oxide layer outside of it. They combine it with bye to color the material different colors. 7000 Series aluminum, however, is a different alloy that combines aluminum, zink, and magnesium for a significantly tougher material. Unfortunately for Apple, this material is much more expensive to work with. However, it gives the phone a staggering 60% increase in rigidity.

2.) 3-D Display

Apple has significantly upgraded the iPhone’s screen in a big way. Besides giving it a higher pixel density, Apple decided to take an alternative route. While the 750×1334 screen resolution isn’t breaking any records, the iPhone 6S has a pressure sensitive touchscreen. 3D Touch emulated a physical keyboard; a feature that Apple innovated from their current Macbook. This may allow Apple to one day get rid of the home button in the near future.

3.) Processor

Apple didn’t say it, but there is many rumors pointing to 2 GB of RAM in the new iPhone 6S. Also, the device is using a 16 or 14nm process for its chipset. The A9 enjoys an around 19% jump over the A8, and a 6% improvement over the A8X in single-core performance, in addition to a 69% multi-core improvement over the A8 (8% from the A8X). The A9 is rumored to sport two dual cores for a quad core set up, with 2 cores pushing 1.7 GHz and the others pushing 1.2 GHz. The previous version used a triple core setup.

4.) 12 MP Front facing camera

Apple has finally upgraded the MP count on the iPhone’s camera. Not only has it done that, but it can now shoot 4K, putting the device on par with Samsung’s camera. That is a slight bump up from the retired 8 MP camera that Apple could not get enough of. The camera sensors are sourced from Sony as always, making it one incredible camera. The camera incorporates RGBW subpixel technology for better low-light performance, which was highly needed for the iPhone 6S. This technology uses an extra white (W) subpixel, arranged alongside the RGB sub-pixels. This compensates for the smaller-sized pixels in the sensor.

5.) 5 MP Selfies

The front facing camera is now becoming a bigger deal than ever thanks to the likes of Vine. The 5MP improvement over the parch 1.2 MP front shooter was greatly needed.

6.) That Battery Life Though

Apple has greatly improved the battery life on the iPhone 6S. Instead of making a smaller battery like on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note V, it is rumored that Apple placed a bigger battery in the iPhone 6S. It is said that the iPhone has anywhere between a 1500 and 1900 mAh battery. The previous iPhone 6 has a battery life of just 5.5 hours. But the new iPhone 6S will have an incredible 10 hours of battery life.

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Tesla was able to raise $738 million from their recent stock sale Wednesday. Because the regulatory filings were far higher than the original estimates, even Tesla was surprised. This will definitely help Tesla place cars like the Model X and Model 3 on track for production.


Tesla Motors originally hoped to get $500 million last week. That number later bolooned to $650 million. Just 24 hours later, Tesla agreed to sell more shares capturing nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars. The second stock sale included Goldman Sachs and  Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, which explains which deep pockets the money came from.

To put things into perspective, Tesla Motors has about 2.7 million shares. Just over 400,000 of those shares went to the underwriters recently. Even Tesla’s own CEO Elon Musk planned to spend $20 million of his own money in the deal, so it must have been a great deal.

The company plans to spend the majority of the money to help build their massive battery factory. The company is planning to introduce its SUV Model X next month and unveil the Model 3 soon. Rumors are also spreading of a new Tesla Roadster or what we would call the Model R in the making, so there is big plans that Tesla has underway.


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Samsung revealed the Gear S2 a couple days ago when they unveiled the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+. Details about the device is slim, but we have enough evidence to know how cool it is going to look. The fashion-centric smartwatch will aim directly towards the fashion and design oriented. The radical change for the Gear will set a bar for the upcoming wearable devices.


What we know about the current Gear S

The Gear separates itself from the smartwatch crowd. Whereas most smartwatches are powered by Android Wear, Sammy is taking a page out of Apple’s playbook and separating themselves by creating their own software. It further pushes the bar as it comes with a curved 420 x 420 display, making it one of the most crisp display’s in the smartwatch market.


What we know about the upcoming Gear S2

Codenamed Orbis, from the start we knew Samsung was working on a circular watch. The Gear S2 ditches the cured OLED display for a full circular display. This markets the device with the likes of the LG G Watch Urbane and Motorola Moto 360. Complete with a dark strap, simplistic watch face, and brushed metal bezel, it makes for a fresher watch design. Samsung is also designing the device with a full watch face instead of the flat tire design like the one found on the Moto 360. More details about the Gear S2 will be revealed on September 3rd at the IFA Show in Berlin.


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Today is the day we get to see the unveiling of two big devices, the Note 5 and S6 Edge+. Both devices will set the bar for Samsung. We are just an hour away from confirming a few good nifty specs. So far, we can only confirm the sheer beauty of the device.


Join us today as Sammy reveal what we think will set the bar for phablets. We are expecting the Galaxy Note 5 to lose a couple of features we know and love, but at the same time gain a great deal of specifications to make us forget about it. Under the hood, we are expecting the Note 5 to gain an 8 core Exynos processor from Samsung itself. However, Qualcomm will not be left totally out of the picture as it will be supplying the incredible Snapdragon 808 for the S6 Edge+ (At least that is our guess). 4GB of RAM is also expected to come on board the motherships. As you can see in the leaks, the Note 5 will get a design overhaul and what seems to be a spring lock S-pen design.

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We are expecting the same great UHD displays we know and love on each device. Rumors point to the Note 5 doing away with a big battery and trading it for a smaller non-removable version. The memory is also rumored to disappear as well. So either you can take it as a loss or a minor inconvenience. We shall see at today’s event.

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HTC isn’t doing bad, the company is doing terrible. In fact, terrible can’t even describe the financial situation that HTC is facing. The Taiwanese company shares hit a ten-year low, and is currently diving at the moment. Because of the brands shares hitting a record low, it is having a negative impact on the brands value.


The company’s shareholders no longer values the brand as it has literally no value for them. HTC’s market value fell below what the company had in cash, which is NT$47.2 Billion. Due to the massive 60% loss of stock value, the stockholders no longer values the company.

To put things into perspective, let’s show you how things went from 100 to zero for HTC quick. Back in 2011, HTC was worth NT$900 Billion and was one of the leading smartphone manufactures. Barely four years later, the company is now worth less than the taxes it probably owes their government.

The company plans to do the necessary to keep afloat. That means slim down the number of phones they currently have on the market, discount devices, lay off employees, and spend less capital as possible.

“We think these efforts are not enough to turn HTC around in the next two years. HTC has little chance to compete with iPhone and Samsung given limited resources, and might continue to lose shares to Chinese brands in mid/low-end segment.”

~Birdy Lu, an analyst with Deutsche Bank AG


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In an effort to compete with T-Mobiles Un-Carrier moves, Verizon decided to do something that is quite Un-Carrier like. VZW has decided to get rid of two year contracts. For those who are pulling their hair out should actually rejoice over the move.


AT&T and T-Mobile has already made the moves from contracts to month to month plans. Now VZW is moving towards the idea. Gone are the single line plans. Why? Because it’s all about the data. Users will have to first pay for their access line fees, which are down for the most part, but the fees for the data is slightly up (So don’t go thinking you’re about to save anything).

Adding phone access will cost you $20 every month per line. If you want a tablet or hotspot, it will cost you $10 per month. For any smartwatch, it will cost you $5, which in my opinion is quite petty, but we will let it slide for now.

The data bucket will include four options; 1GB, 3GB, 6GB, or 12GB of shared data. The latter will cost $30, $45, $60, and $80 per month respectively. For those who don’t use as much data like single lines, 1-3 GB will be rather appealing. 6-12 GB of shared data will most likely be for a family.

We knew contracts were eventually going to be a thing of the past. T-Mobile started this two years ago with their JUMP plans. This is good for the consumer because there is much more transparency. Two year agreements were always higher than month to month plans, and ended up forcing the customer to pay more for their phones over the two year course. This shift will however come with a caveat as there will no longer be deals for phones from carriers. Customers will now either have to pay full price for their device, or split the cost over a two year course. This means that phone subsidies has now turned into car financing.


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If you are a Tesla owner here in Michigan, you are most likely stuck between a rock and a hard place, literally. While there are only two Supercharging stations here, the company can’t even service the vehicles. It’s not because of Tesla though. If the company could, by all means it would. However, due to Michigan’s outdated laws that the government here is enforcing, it prevents the company from even working on the cars for their customers.


Lawmakers in Michigan is enforcing the direct sale law that prevents the direct sale of a company’s car to consumers. Tesla uses this model to cut out the middle man, this keeps the price low for the Model S. With Michigan being one of the five states that prohibits direct sales (Including Arizona, Connecticut, Texas, and West Virginia), it makes it difficult for Tesla Motors to service their vehicles.

Michigan’s dealership lobbying is still strong, and it is making a big effort to keep the Tesla Model S from selling. However, those efforts are weak as Tesla isn’t phased by the poor lobbying strategy. Tesla owners aren’t stressing as the company is able to upgrade or service most of the vehicles electronics via an OTA update. As for cosmetic damages, that’s another story.


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The Tesla Model X has been delayed long enough. Tesla is now beginning to ship the CUV to its customers. The company is expecting to ship over 12,000 vehicles by the end of Q3 of this year. That is a big number considering it being a 60% increase from last year, despite the small number of Model X crossovers. It was already predicted that there will be a short supply of Model X vehicles this year.


Tesla is having supplier bottlenecks, even though the company has been ramping up production. According to the companies SEC filing, the company is reaching out to other suppliers to keep the production going.

“We are still testing the ability of many suppliers to deliver high quality production parts in quantities sufficient to meet our planned production ramp. Since production ramps rapidly late in Q4, a one-week push out of this ramp due to an issue at even a single supplier could reduce Model X production by approximately 800 units for the quarter,”

~Tesla SEC Filing

On top of the short supply of parts, Tesla is also having assembly line production problems as well. As it turns out, the Model S and Model X has to come off the same assembly line. Whereas other companies such as Ford create multiple plants for different vehicles, Tesla does not have the luxury to do that. However, this is something to expect for a new car company. You have to crawl before you can walk.


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It was bound to happen, we just didn’t know when. The moves this carrier was doing was just impossible to forget. We were on the tip of our chairs just waiting for it to be official. It was like waiting for the light to turn green. As of today, T-Mobile is the third largest carrier in the United States.


As of today, Sprint reported its latest earnings report which showed a gain of 675,000 new users in the first quarter. That may sound like a lot, but that dwarfs in the eyes of T-Mobile. The magenta company has reported a gain of a jaw dropping 2 million customers in the same quarter. That makes out to 57 million customers on Sprint and 58.9 million customers on T-Mobile.

Sprint claims that they only lost 12,000 postpaid subscribers in the second quarter, but last year the company lost over 620,000 postpaid subscribers. Sprint may have gained 310,000 postpaid subscribers during the quarter, but in the same quarter last year, the company bled 181,000 postpaid subscribers.

Thanks to T-Mobile applying pressure to carriers, the company has been disrupting the smartphone game. Sprint has been trying to play it, but it’s been having a hard time finding the cheat codes to beat it. Sprint has been quite busy on the contrary, restructuring RadioShack stores to complete their “Store-within-a-store” concept. Unfortunately only 25% of those stores have been complete with the rest to be complete by the end of this year. With T-Mobile’s aggressive advertising, affordable pricing, NEXT plans, and faster network with more consistent 4G LTE offerings, it’s hard to pass up such a good offering just to get with another company that is still building its network.


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Blass has such a long track record of being correct when it comes to leaked photos, that if this one is fake, then I’m sure pigs can fly. If big phones are the name of the game, then Samsung has something in store for us. Leaked just a couple of days ago was the Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus. While both bear a striking resemblance, the S pen will set both of them apart.


A clear eye may see the curvaceous body of the S6 Edge+ setting itself apart from the flat display of the Note 5, but that’s just the beginning. While they both sport non-removable parts such as the memory and battery, they both with feature different processors. The Snapdragon 808 will be found on the S6 Edge+ while the Note 5 will feature the 8 core Exynos 7420 SoC with 4GB of RAM. The Note 5 will also have a 32GB or 64GB offering with a 16 MP camera and 5 MP rear facing shooter. The display will grow to 5.66″ and keep the same 2560 x 1440 QHD display.

Both phones will take high end to a new level. Previously, the Note series was encased in plastic. Samsung found out that selling a $700 device riddled with a cheap design doesn’t make out to a luxury device. Now, Samsung is getting rid of the cheap plastic and encasing their devices in premium material such as aluminum and glass. However, this new design will sacrifice the battery and memory card expansion. The S6 Edge+ on the contrary will offer up a device that will give customers an option to do away without the S-Pen. Expect the unveiling on August 13th.


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