Apple iPhone 6S Leaked

Apple iPhone 6S Leaked

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More and more leaks just keeps popping up. This may be just the leak Apple users were waiting for. With the iPhone 6 #bentgate issue, Apple is looking to fix that with thicker metal. On top of that, it is going to become speedy Gonzales.


With the upcoming iPhone 6S, Apple will be fixing the bentgate flaw, which causes the metal of the iPhone 6 to bend easily. The next iPhone is also expected to get something Samsung has been working on for a while now, LTE-A Category 6 support. This advanced 4G technology will allow the iPhone to have blazing fast speeds. This technology can be found on LG, Motorola, and Samsung devices. Evidenced of the Qualcomm-made MSM9635M chip leaked which is rumored to double internet speeds on the iPhone 6S.

The only disappointment to come out of this rumored iPhone 6S is that it will be thicker than the current 6. However, because the 6S is reportedly coming equipped with 2GB of RAM and higher resolution cameras, that should be expected. The new iPhone will also have a bigger battery instead of a smaller battery found on the S6. New design leaks show the iPhone taking a different design character. What we are most excited about however is the force touch display, which is rumored to come equipped on the next generation iPhone.

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