Android M Features: What will the new update bring?

Android M Features: What will the new update bring?

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Android L brought a design change to the Android ecosystem, giving it a more simplistic looks and faster movement. This year, Google is bringing Android M, which will give the OS nifty features like better standby time. Let’s see what else does Android M has in store for us.


Moving Apps

One noticeable change is moving most used apps around to better locations. You may notice the Google Voice app is now moved to the bottom left hand corner for ease of use. The dedicated camera app is also moved to the bottom right hand corner. The only disadvantage this setup has is the fact that you can only swipe from a certain spot. With Android Lollipop, you can swipe from any direction.


The App Drawer

The biggest change with Android M is the App drawer, which is probably the biggest turn down. The App drawer goes back to the days of Android Froyo when you had to scroll up and down rather than left to right. It lists the Apps in alphabetical order from top to bottom. At the top is a favorites dock that allows you to place up to four of your favorite apps. Obviously this isn’t the final version of Android M and thankfully it is still in beta mode. The final version may include more ways to swipe through the app drawer.


Google Settings

Another change with Android M will include Google Settings. Within the menu in Google Settings, you will find all the options that used to call the Google Settings app home, including ad preferences, Location, Search & Now, and Smart Lock Passwords. “Setup Nearby Devices” is also seen in as a new option which should allow you to set up other devices via Bluetooth.

Google also updated the volume control; something that Samsung got right a while ago. If you were ever at the home screen of your android device, you were only allowed to adjust the ringtone volume. Now, you are able to adjust any volume on the homescreen with the volume button.

Battery Life


Battery life is always a concern when utilizing a phone. With Android M’s new “Dozing” feature, it makes android devices more power efficient. With the new update, it nearly doubles the standby time for Android devices. This mode is what any Android phone or tablet can go into when your device senors realize that it hasn’t been touched in a while. Your device then goes into a deep sleep rather than turning off completely. While alarms and priority notifications will still get to the device, unimportant pings will fail to wake it, improving the battery life sharply.

USB Type C Support

Type C fast charging will be supported with Android M. This will allow for quicker charging times and set your stock Android device into ‘Power bank’ mode. This is a mode that will allow devices to charge other devices. So if your phone needs charging, your Tablet can act as a battery pack. I can already see the USB Type C charging port with both ends looking the same.


The Nexus 6 is a big device. So big, that the end user can utilize the huge screen. For a long time, Android users has been begging Google to include multitasking in stock Android. If you ever wanted to use a Multitasking feature, you would either have to switch to a Samsung or LG device. Now, Android M may finally come with Multitasking. We say maybe because you cant turn this feature on without hacking the device.

Android Pay/Fingerprint Scanner

We can admit, Google Wallet never took off like Google wanted. With Android Pay, Google is looking to change that. Android M will have native support for fingerprint scanning, relieving Android developer of the pain. Sure, it’s just like Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay, so expect a similar payment system from all.

Android M has a ton of potential. Not only is it bringing better battery life to the table, but it is also bringing better payment support to the table; two of the most important features in the wireless ecosystem. Whether it is called Android Marshmallow, Android Moca, or just Android Mellon, wither way it will be a tasty treat.