Analyst predicts shipments of 15 million Apple Watch Units for 2015

Analyst predicts shipments of 15 million Apple Watch Units for 2015

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There’s no doubt that the Apple Watch is going to sale like hotcakes. Even Analyst is predicting huge sales for the smartwatch.

“Apple will quickly become the world’s number one smartwatch vendor with 55% global market share this year.”


Strategy Analytics predicts that Apple will ship 15 million Apple Watches globally this year. Last month, reports claimed that the Cupertino company was building roughly 6 million units; it seems like that number has more than doubled. Along with other platforms, this Apple Watch should take off with ease. With the Apple Watch, Analyst predicts that the company will take over the smartwatch market instantaneously. The fact that the Apple Watch is attractive, (just not as attractive as some other watches out there) it will make it appealing to a large customer base. Even the name has significance. I can’t count the amount of times my Moto 360 was mistaken for an Apple Watch.

Apple has a loyal fan base and robust App ecosystem. This is just what Apple needs to make a successful smartwatch launch. However, even with these predictions, usability, price, battery life, and functionality will be the ultimate decipher. The Apple Watch will also have multiple versions, which should make it stand out from the rest of the smartwatches. While most smartwatches come in 2 or 3 variants, the Apple Watch will come in 7 different variants.