About Us

About Us

Every aspect of operations at Bargainteers is formed by this guiding principle: give consumers the best value for their dollar. Each day, our company stays true to being the best bargain hunters for consumers. We take pride in providing our clients with a tech team committed to finding the best deals. Created by Jonathan Bond, Bargainteers   is a tech blog that helps our customers purchase Grade A products at the best bargain rates. Whether it’s a car, telephone, or home good, we review it all. We are a community on the web that let shoppers know whether or not they are getting the best bang for their buck.

What We Offer to the World

We eat, sleep, and breathe technology. Our tech team has the ability to predict what will be unveiled before the product even comes to fruition. Because we are technically inclined, we can understand where the tech industry is headed. Our opinionated response on tech news is based on many factors, such as rumors, leaks, and current tech news that we provide. We are more than just another tech news site; we are a team of professional researchers that are influenced by the advancement of technology. Bargainteers   dedicates time to not only engaging in a healthy conversation of tech news with our viewers, but also providing many Easter eggs to keep them stay entertained. In short, giveaways, subscriptions, social networks, products, and services are what we provide to our community.

We Are Not Bias

No company is perfect. Therefore, we do not discriminate, and we give credit where credit is due. We understand that, as technology advances, sooner or later anyone is sure to be knocked off of his/her throne. That is why we do not show bias towards another company in any of our articles or reviews. If a company requires scrutiny, we will make sure that company is exposed inside and out. Bargainteers   will not show favoritism. We are committed to being honest to the members of our site as we will provide the most positive experience here possible. Bargains are all about us.