92% of the Smartphone industry profits goes to Apple

92% of the Smartphone industry profits goes to Apple

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There’s only one smartphone manufacturer that is laughing to the bank. That one company is Apple. While Apple does not have the largest market share in the world like Sammy, the Cupertino Company does capture the vast majority of operating income in the industry. To be exact, Apple has 92% of the markets profits.

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According to Canaccord Genuity, during the first quarter of the year, Apple received 92% of the operating income earned by the top eight smartphone makers globally. What’s even more shocking is the fact that their numbers are up by an incredible 65% from last year. Right after Apple comes Samsung of course. Even though Samsung captures most of the smartphone market, their profit margin is 15% of the total marketshare. You may be thinking that the number is over 100%, but due to other companies reporting losses, the number averages out. HTC reported losses of 256 million USD in just the second quarter. Microsoft reported a colossal $7.6 billion loss just last week.

Apple may account for 20% of the marketshare, but Apple picks up the most profits. Apple maintains higher prices than Android smartphones. Last year, the average Apple smartphone went for 624 dollars while the average Android smartphone went for 185 bucks. The iPhone’s pricing went up 42% year over year, meaning it’s still in high demand.