CES 2013: Samsung Unveils Smart Refrigerator

CES 2013: Samsung Unveils Smart Refrigerator

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Because everything you currently have is stupid, Samsung has unveiled a Smart Refrigerator at CES 2013.  This refrigerator is nothing more than your average cold storage bin with a Tablet integrated into it.  Although this is nothing new to people overseas, Smart Refrigerators is making its way to America.  As reported by Engadget, this Linux based refrigerator will come with the Evernote App pre installed.

What I am Hoping For

I hope this refrigerator isn’t just your average refrigerator with a tablet slapped on it with less features, because in that case, I could buy a magnet for my tablet and save a couple thousand.  My guess is that this device will have the ability to let someone know when their food is getting low or what food they are missing.