18K Gold Apple Watch to cost $900….for just the gold

18K Gold Apple Watch to cost $900….for just the gold

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Good things don’t come cheap, especially when you add gold. The highly anticipated Apple Watch may start at $349, but when you add gold, expect the price to nearly triple. Rumors reveal that the Watch will not come cheap if you are looking for exquisite material. The 42 mm Gold Edition Apple Watch will cost approximately $900 for just the gold.



According to sources, the Apple Watch will include  1.02oz (29.16gr) of 18-karat gold. At the current rate gold is going for (Which is obviously nowhere but up), the gold Apple Watch will come with over $850 worth of gold alone. This is based on the wall of the watch case which has a thickness of 1.15mm. That’s not the only thing that will be plastered in gold, the additional parts of the watch, such as the crown, the number markers, and dials will also be smothered in gold.

29.16 Grams of Gold isn’t cheap. Because the base version of the Apple Watch will be no different in terms of functionality, the Gold Watch Edition will be nothing short of a fashion statement. I can only imagine the price breaching $1000 once profit is factored in the price tag. Once the device goes on sale, it will give people yet another reason to spend more on a smartwatch.